Chennai, February 22, 2024) – Vietjet, Vietnam’s leading new-age carrier, has been crowned with the “Best Human Resource Digital Transformation Strategy Award” at the 32nd World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India. The award ceremony brought together over 200 speakers and 3,000 global leaders in the field of Human Resources and industry experts from over 119 countries and territories worldwide.

The airline is highly recognized for its strategic process, which involves leveraging digital technologies to enhance and optimize HR processes, functions, and human capital management. These initiatives aim to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and employee experience while also contributing to the development of personnel within the organization. Some of the key criteria assessed include initiatives in translating and combining vision with action, HR strategy, and cultivating competencies for the future to enable the organization to be future-ready.

Vietjet is an internationally diverse workplace with over 6,000 officers and employees from more than 50 countries and territories. The airline has been voted the best workplace in Asia and a leading employer for many years. With effective management policies, especially in human resources, Vietjet is among the few airlines that quickly recovered and expanded its flight network after the pandemic.

With “People” identified as the top priority resource, the airline is committed to sustainable development with a core focus on human resource development. The company continuously innovates and fosters creativity to maximize the potential of its workforce, providing opportunities for employees’ self-development and contributing to the growth of the company, the aviation industry, and the community in the digital age.