Mumbai, 16th March, 2024: Celebrating World Sleep Day, The Sleep Company, India’s leading comfort-tech brand, today announced the launch of its #OneMoreHour campaign advocating India to sleep better. The campaign began with an Instagram poll by Anil Kapoor asking individuals to vote for the number of hours they sleep daily. The poll results indicate that only 15% respondents sleep more than 8 hours, with a majority 60% sleeping only 6-7 hours per day. About 25% of people sleep less than 6 hours each day, revealing a concerning trend of insufficient rest nationwide.

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Regular eight hours of sleep every night is important for overall health. It allows the body to repair and recharge thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues. Recognizing the adverse effects of inadequate sleep on health and lifestyle, the company encourages people to commit to sleeping one additional hour daily, fostering a collective effort towards better sleep quality. Further the brand also encouraged individuals to take a pledge to sleep #OneMoreHour and participants stood a chance to win SmartGRID products. Over 5,000 people took the pledge and nominated more than 10,000 friends and family to become a part of the movement.

The Sleep Company collaborated with health expert Digvijay Singh and other lifestyle influencers to raise awareness on the impact of inadequate sleep on one’s health and overall well-being. These health experts and influencers also became a part of the movement by taking the pledge.

The brand has also created video of a CGI SmartGRID mattress to depict the campaign and Indians pledging to sleep #OneMoreHour.

The Sleep Company Cofounder Priyanka Salot stated, “An ideal sleep cycle should be of 7 hours however our poll results indicate that majority of individuals do not get enough sleep. With India being the second most sleep deprived country; we want to advocate better sleep habits among individuals and contribute to a healthy society. We are overwhelmed to see the response from this campaign with people pledging to rest well. This World Sleep Day, let us pledge to sleep #OneMoreHour every day and take a step towards a healthy sleep routine.”

Celebrating World Sleep Day, the company is also extending discounts of up to 45% on its products from March 15th to 17th, facilitating improved sleep options for individuals.