Mumbai, March 19, 2024 – The contrast in support for potential athletes between India and China is glaring. In India, a mere 0.00065% of the population aged 8-25 years receives support, whereas in China, this number is ten times higher. This stark difference underscores the urgent need to address the middle of the talent pyramid in India.

In a remarkable journey marked by success and impact, PathwayZ – an initiative by Sportz Village emerges as a proven force in bridging the gap between grassroot sports and elite competition. With a legacy of achievement and support from various stakeholders, PathwayZ is not merely a new program but a solution to the broken middle layer in India’s sports talent pyramid.

Building on Success: A Snapshot of PathwayZ Achievements

PathwayZ, since its inception, has witnessed immense success with 7500 student-athletes participating in after-school training programs across the country. This initiative has garnered widespread support from multiple CSR partners, including HCL Foundation, Latent View, Chambal, and governmental organizations such as the Sports Authority of Gujarat.

The impact of PathwayZ is evident in the achievements of its participants, with 18 national-level players and 77 state players emerging from the program. The success stories are not just statistics but real-life transformations, such as Bala receiving a 100% scholarship for residential training in football. Additionally, Tanisha and Shaily Phugat sisters secured jobs in the UP police through sports quota, while Sarita, a state-level kabaddi player, is being groomed for a career as a Physical Education teacher.

PathwayZ: Nurturing Talents and Transforming Lives

In the pursuit of sporting excellence, PathwayZ focuses on creating multiple pathways for student-athletes to enhance their lives. The program stands as a testament to its commitment to identifying, nurturing, and developing sporting talent at the grassroots level, ultimately propelling them onto the global stage. It becomes a strategic response to the pressing issue, focusing on creating a robust talent feeder system.

By strategically aligning efforts in schools, data, and leveraging existing investments, PathwayZ aims to bridge the gap between grassroots sports and elite competition. The initiative becomes a beacon of hope, nurturing talent at the foundational level and providing a pathway for aspiring athletes to ascend the talent pyramid.

A Vision Aligned with Existing Investments

Saumil Majmudar, Co-founder, CEO & Managing Director of Sportz Village emphasizes, “Our focus with PathwayZ is clear: Schools, Data, and Existing Investments. By strategically aligning efforts in these areas, we can create a robust talent feeder system that nurtures and propels India’s future sports champions onto the global stage.”

The initiative is further strengthened by the continuous support from partners such as HCL Foundation, Latent View, Plaeto, Bril, and others.

A Collaborative Impact: Voices from Partners

Latent View, keen on sports development, embarked on a unique project with government school kids, providing a platform for these students from grassroots to elevate to elite pathways. Completing 2 seasons of the Chennai Kaalpandhu League in partnership with Sportz Village Foundation, Latent View has witnessed success, with 7 kids taking up football training at renowned sports academies. As they echo, this initiative exemplifies their commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for upward mobility in the sports domain.

Ravi Kallayil, CEO and Founder of Plaeto, expresses, “Plaeto was built with the mission to bring the joy of play to all. Our partnership with Sportz Village is a great platform that allows us to bring this mission to life at the school level for children. This is also a great example of how like-minded organizations can come together to make an impact in India.”

A Collaborative Effort for Systemic Change

The collaboration with CSR partners like HCL Foundation, Latent View, and governmental support from the Sports Authority of Gujarat underscores the collective commitment to address and rectify the broken middle layer in India’s sports ecosystem. The success stories of student-athletes benefiting from PathwayZ further reinforce the program’s pivotal role in reshaping the narrative and creating a more inclusive and supportive sports development landscape in India.

As India aspires to produce more world champions in sports, initiatives like PathwayZ become not only a necessity but a national imperative, addressing systemic issues and fostering a brighter future for Indian sports.