Fred Stella ji – Hindu American Foundation

In income Hindus are no. 2 in America. Having great education is not the end of religion. Its not nothing that Hindus excel in so many areas – industry, IT. You see Hindus are dominating in so many areas in USA. The Hindu migrants in the USA, these people came with nothing and today they thrive, they are now one of the highest earning and best of the refugees. There is something about the dharma, however we are challenged by the extreme left and right people in the spectrum. We are working tirelessly to make sure the Hindu American is able to practice Hindu dharma. We are not partisans but advocate for education, we work in the areas of interfaith. We try to find common ground and seek to make closest bonds, willing to be our friends. Our textbooks are misrepresenting Hindu dharma. We are fighting the battle of making sure, textbooks for 11 -12 yrs old, we are making sure they are not bullied. We are working for people making sure they affect the social change. People at HAF whether Indian origin or non-Indian, we found something special. People who have left shores of India and started families, we keep India in our hearts. Its our spiritual home.

prelude session

Pir Zia Inayat Khan (Sufi Scholar)

I can hardly imagine a more perfect place for convening the Global Spirituality Mahotsav. Imagine this 8 years ago, this land was barren, but it’s the care given by Daaji and Heartfulness community which has made it so beautiful. Much more impressive is the gardens here, all endangered plants collected here, cultivation so that this Vanam can be a living garden. When trees will be cut down, he has them planted and buried here. This can be a paradigm for the whole country and world. But we find Garden of invisible also here, The Garden of the Friends of God. At the Garden of Deeds – where we find again everything we have put out in the world; it echoes and comes back. If you want to find generosity, be generous. But when we cultivate it, we must not take proud of our deeds.

The great beings may come from different traditions, they only bring the message of divine consciousness, seeking fulfillment. We come close to prophets when we live a life of service.

The divine being is named by many names. In the Garden of One – The voice answered to seeker to go away and for long years, searched and meditated and finally returned. The voice again asked who is there – and the seeker said You are here. There was no seeker, no sought, there was only the one forever and ever.

Ven. Geshe Dorji Damdul ji, Tibet House Culture Centre

To talk about World peace, we should have inner peace within ourselves. We are failing to understand the psychology of inner peace. Imagine the most beautiful moment of your life and extend it to all family and everyone in the world. People talk about watching a sunset, but on thing we have all experienced, our love with our mother – if that one thing we can replicate the everyone, will change the world. A little child grows intense love towards your mother, because you see the dependency on your mother for the benefits. If we can see the dependency on others, your neighbors and the nature, that will be the secret of world peace. World leaders have been asking about where did we go wrong, to this His Holiness Dalai Lama would say it’s because of limitedness of our modern education system. Nobody will count your heart, but we need to sublimit the modern education, which is the remnant of the industrial revolution, this must be sublimated by the education of the heart. This is the result of your cognitive understanding and interconnectedness with your fellow human beings and nature.