Hyderabad, March 18th, 2024: Yashoda Foundation, a beacon of hope in the realm of social empowerment, proudly unveiled its latest transformative initiative, MASTI (Music, Arts, Science, Technology, and Innovation) Centers. Chief Guests Mr K Sreenivas Reddy, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City and Ms L Rama Devi, Director Emerging Technologies, OSD, Dept. of IT & Communications & Start Up Telangana, Government of Telangana, formally launched it today at the Telangana State Police Command and Control Centre, Banjara Hills. Guests of Honor Mr Meela Jaydev, President FTCCI; Ms Ritu Shah, Chairperson FICCI FLO; Dr Ms. Sajida Khan, Audio Engineer; Dr Ms. Somdatta Karak, Senior Scientist, CCMB; Ms. Sriharshitha Chada, Legal Consultant for Bachpan Bachao Andolan and Ms. Shefali Rao, Co-Founder, Food4thought, graced the occasion.

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This initiative of Yashoda Foundation will unite community leaders, esteemed guests, and families to champion the cause of underprivileged children’s education in music, arts, sciences, technology, and innovation. Children and parents from MASTI Centers shared heartwarming stories of growth and aspiration, highlighting the initiative’s impact. The event underscored the collective endeavour to expand MASTI’s reach, inviting broader community support to empower and inspire India’s youth.

Mr K Sreenivas Reddy, speaking on the occasion said, MASTI makes learning a fun activity for children. Its commendable that the Yashoda Foundation is providing education to more than 1600 kids including tribal children. Rural areas lack quality education, the teachers in Government schools are extremely good, but for various reasons are unable to put to practice their best talent, the circumstances in government schools are not conducive for them, their good work doesn’t get recognised nor are the ones who are not up to the mark are punished. This is the gap which has to be bridged by NGOs like you and educate the rural children who are our future. If women get educated the entire family is educated, if a man gets educated it limits to himself, therefore women should be empowered for the society’s growth.

Ms L Rama Devi said, there is enormous talent in our children, what they need is an opportunity, if they get one, a raw stone can be cut into a diamond and that is where Yashoda Foundation has been making a mark. If we are educated we can rule the world, education can uplift and make a difference to a generation. Today, one should have basic education, but ultimately its our talent which sets us apart. Yashoda foundation is supporting children in honing their talents and helping them realize their potential. The concept of MASTI is very interesting, it is emphasising on innovation besides Music, Arts, Science, Technology; which encourages children to stretch their imagination. Today the demand is for problem solving skills and when you get exposed to such things as in MASTI, automatically creativity gets shaped in them. Innovation is the buzzword and has got intertwined in our lives. During COVID government school children got impacted the most, private school children could keep pace by embracing technology. It was Foundations like Yashoda which bridged the gap by coming to the rescue of government school children by partnering with companies like Microsoft. Going forward Digital Technologies will be your support, will be the asset, just leverage it.

In launching MASTI, we’re not just initiating a program; we’re igniting a movement to transform the lives of underprivileged children across India. Through holistic learning experiences in music, arts, science, technology, and innovation, we aim to unlock the vast potential of these young minds. It’s a step towards creating a future where every child can aspire to greatness, regardless of their background. Join us in this journey to nurture the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers, says Santosh Kaveti, CEO, ProArch and Founder, Yashoda Foundationwered