Bengaluru, February 16, 2024: RR Kabel Limited is delighted to share the news of its inclusion in the esteemed 2023 Burgundy Private Hurun India 500 list. This achievement stands as a testament to the company’s remarkable impact on the Indian economy. Compiled by Burgundy Private and Axis Bank’s Private Banking Business in partnership with Hurun India, this exclusive list recognizes the top 500 companies in India, ranked based on their market capitalization for listed companies and valuations for non-listed entities.

RR Kabel(Hurun Recognition Certificate)

“We are honoured to be recognized among the top 500 companies in India by Burgundy Private Hurun India 500. This acknowledgment underscores the significant contributions RR Kabel Limited has made to the Indian economy and reaffirms our commitment to excellence and growth. We extend our gratitude to Burgundy Private, Axis Bank’s private banking business, and Hurun India for this prestigious recognition; this achievement motivates us to continue striving for excellence and making a positive impact on the Indian economy.” said Mr. Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director at RR Kabel Limited.

The 2023 Burgundy Private Hurun India list stands as a hallmark of corporate achievement within the Indian economy. This prestigious list showcases the top 500 most valuable companies in India, meticulously assessed based on their market capitalization and valuations. This thorough evaluation ensures that the list accurately represents the true value and potential of India’s corporate ecosystem. Securing a spot in this list places RR Kabel among an elite group of companies that are instrumental in shaping India’s narrative of growth and dynamism. It reflects the trust and confidence placed in RR Kabel Limited by its stakeholders, solidifying its position as a key player in the Indian business arena.

RR Kabel Limited’s inclusion on this prestigious list reaffirms its dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainable progress. It stands as a powerful testament to the brand’s core values of quality, innovation, trust, and transparency, making RR Kabel the preferred choice for customers not only in India but also worldwide.