Roman Guardians in Road To Valor: Empires: A Complete Guide

Road To Valor: Empires is KRAFTON’s latest strategy game where players compete with one another while commanding mythical gods, beasts, heroes and army units.

Players can choose between Roman, Persian, Norman, and Japanese Guardians and battle units to assemble their troops.The Romans were one of the most powerful empires in the ancient world, and their strength is reflected in their units in Road to Valor: Empires. Led by Caesar, the Roman faction is disciplined, efficient, and well-organized. There are three Roman guardians available with both passive and active skills:



As the great general who led the empire at its zenith, Caesar’s strategic mind and leadership are unmatched by others. He inspires his followers to fight with valor.

Passive Skill: Increasing the attack power of all Roman units by 10%

Active Skills:

1. Catapult Launch: Caesar calls forth a barrage of six catapults from the rear lines, launching massive stones at the target area every second, each dealing 377 damage. When the enemy tower or keep has low HP, a catapult launch is an effective way to destroy the buildings without having to spend MP and sending units all the way across the battlefield

2. Heroic Presence: Caesar charges forward to the front lines, accompanied by four trained Auxilia soldiers, who are summoned periodically. He inspires all allied units on the battlefield and gains increased movement speed and attack damage for 18 seconds. This power is an effective way to overwhelm your opponent when the battlefield is already filled with your units.



The emperor of the underworld, Hades commands the eternal fires of hell to set everything in sight ablaze.

Passive Skill: Gains 1 Commander Point when ally Guard Tower is destroyed

Active Skills:

Definite Strike: Ally units in the target area have a 60% increased max HP and Attack Damage, but HP reduces by 5% every 1 second in return. When you have only the keep left to destroy, Definite Strike is a great way to add that extra power to your leading units, helping them destroy buildings faster.
Hellfire: All units and buildings are destroyed by hellfire. When the hellfire is gone, MP recovery increases by 100% for 7 secs. When you have 30 secs left in the game and you have more HP than your opponent, using Hellfire is a sure way to win the game


The goddess of war and justice, Athena protects and fights alongside her followers until the battle is won

Passive Skill: Activates Goddess’s Protection when Keep and Guard Towers have less than 50% HP

Active Skills:

Goddess’s Protection: Blesses the target area and grants invulnerability to all ally units and buildings for 3 seconds.
Incarnation: Athena, the Goddess of War appears for 16 seconds and deals massive damage to units and buildings
Best usage of Athena’s Powers:

Incarnation: While Athena has high HP and deals massive damage, her presence in the field is limited to 16 seconds. This power is best used in an empty or a less crowded side, so there are less obstacles for her to encounter. Athena’s presence is also a great way to defend your tower against attacks when their HP is low.

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