Nayan Raheja of Raheja Developers
The inauguration of NCR’s most-awaited connectivity development, Dwarka Expressway, has been a prominent move for us as it has elevated the real estate market of the sectors along the stretch. The development has not only eased commute with the national capital but has also increased investment across projects from both residential and commercial segments. With tremendous price appreciation of properties ever since the construction of the stretch began, the Expressway has brought a boost to the region’s economy as well as its allure, with numerous amenities being developed along the route.

Amit Gupta, Director – Orris Group, stated, “Dwarka Expressway’s opening is a welcome move for Gurugram’s real estate, as the development has made a huge impact on the region’s growth among investors. The convenient access that it has brought to the prospective buyers of the region has increased the flow of both developers and buyers to Gurugram, with numerous sectors along the stretch benefitting from it. The stretch has also elevated connectivity to significant corridors, including the proposed Delhi-Jaipur Super Expressway, IGI Airport, and more, making it a location worth investing in.”

Rohit Mohan, Senior Vice President of BPTP Group said, “The Dwarka Expressway is poised to revolutionize the real estate industry by significantly reducing travel time between Delhi and Gurugram. As a result, property prices are on the rise, fueled by increasing demand for both residential and commercial properties. This presents a lucrative opportunity for investment, with Sector 37D emerging as a particularly promising location. Its strategic positioning along the bustling Dwarka Expressway makes it highly attractive to prospective buyers and investors alike. With improved connectivity and accessibility, coupled with the anticipation of future development projects, Sector 37D is witnessing a surge in interest. As the demand for properties in this area continues to soar, it offers the potential for substantial returns on investment. For individuals seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning real estate market in Gurugram, investing in Sector 37D presents a compelling opportunity for long-term growth and profitability.”

Mr. Sachin Gawri, Founder and CEO, RISE Infraventures
The opening of the Dwarka Expressway by our Hon’ble Prime Minister is one of the most-awaited developments for Gurugram’s real estate, as the expansion has significantly boosted the area’s appeal among investors. Gurugram has witnessed a surge in the number of developers and investors due to the easy access it has provided to potential buyers in the area, inviting investors to different sectors of Gurugram along the way. The section is worth investing in since it offers improved access to significant locations, including IGI Airport while promising a remarkable return on investment.