Mumbai, March 12, 2024: RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd, India’s leading & largest manufacturer and supplier of Ready Mix Concrete, has signed an MOU with Birla Institute of Technology & Science–Pilani (BITS Pilani), focused on offering MBA and B.Tech programs for the members of its staff. This strategic association aspires to contribute towards the enhancement of the overall skills and career possibilities for the employees of RDC, apart from fulfilling societal aspirations of employees seeking degrees.


The affiliation between the two renowned entities is outlined to enable RDC employees to obtain access to MBA and B.Tech programs, promoting uninterrupted growth. The specialised programs are customised to industry demands and ensure to bring the staff up to date regarding market trends and contemporary technologies, building substantially their present employment capability.

The goal behind this initiative is to position RDC Concrete as one of the key contributors to the progress of the Indian workforce. Recent studies have shown that currently, 5,828 Engineering and Technology colleges are functioning in the country. As per the AICTE, out of these colleges, only 2,897 offer B.Tech or BE programs, with an annual intake capacity of 12 lakh students. For diploma holders, AICTE permits 10% seats for lateral entry to the programs, meaning one lakh diploma engineers are accepted for the degree programs annually. For B.Tech graduates opting for an MBA, the scenario is similar. Every year, around 2 lakh graduates pursue an MBA, each spending an average of about 6 lakhs to acquire it. This results in the nation making a loss of 12,000 crore in productivity. RDC Concrete’s partnership with BITS Pilani is designed to assist students turned employees with means to acquire higher degrees, that not only upskill the nation’s workforce but also assist their career prospects.

Mr Anil Banchhor, Managing Director & CEO of RDC, said, “We aim to design an atmosphere where our staff not only become proficient in their present roles but are also empowered to visualise an optimistic future. The MBA and B.Tech modules proposed by BITS Pilani will boost the employees’ skills and prepare them for newer opportunities beyond RDC Concrete.”

The modules designed for these courses consist of unique management and technical training programs, seminars, leadership abilities and strategic reasoning. This inclusive outlook corroborates not only scholastic growth but also constructive abilities pertinent to their roles.

Dr. KS Bhoon, Head of HR & Business Excellence of RDC Concrete, shared his vision behind the partnership saying, “This collaboration not only strengthens our commitment to nurturing talent but also brings threefold benefits. First, through work-integrated learning programs, we aim to boost India’s productivity. Second, the extended education opportunities will enhance employee loyalty, ensuring a dedicated workforce for the long term. Lastly, our employees stand to gain both professionally and personally, earning and learning concurrently. We now offer guaranteed admission to our engineering trainees through this collaboration on successful completion of a training period of one year. This guarantee is the first of its kind by any company in India.”

To qualify for these programs, working professionals pursuing a B.Tech degree must hold a diploma. Those aiming for an MBA should have a B.Tech background with a minimum aggregate of 60% marks. These are also campus entry-level requirements in RDC. In addition, they must have at least one year of work experience which is covered by the training period in RDC. The program has already enrolled 45 RDC employees, a landmark moment for the beginning of growth for many staff over the coming year.

RDC assists its staff academically by covering application fees, admission costs, and semester tuition fees. Employees will contribute a minimal monthly fee of INR 3,000, and a support system will be in place to balance work and studies seamlessly as classes are treated as duty. The tactical partnership between RDC and BITS Pilani puts the MBA and B.Tech programs as a stimulus for professional growth and skill development for the employees, establishing a new standard in the Indian construction industry.