New Delhi, 13th March 2024: Brand Nourish’s PUER, which offers a range of home care products, launched a ‘Catch Up with Her’ video campaign featuring Rapper ERP Iyer. The video celebrated the spirit of womanhood by showcasing how women are stepping up their game in every field and it’s men who need to do better to catch up with them. Produced by Blooper House Studio, the video features music artist S. Srinivasan Iyer, popularly known as ‘EPR Iyer’.

Ankit Daga, Co-Founder of Brand Nourish’s PUER voiced his enthusiasm, “Women have come a long way and now it’s time for men to do better by effectively adapting to the new order. Women have demonstrated excellence in every field they have stepped into and they are the key played at the home front as well. This video captures the essence of how women are re-writing the rules for themselves and it’s time for men to evolve with the changing times and outgrow the old notions.”

He further added, “PUER strongly believes that change starts from your home and your home begins with you. Every day PUER is on the journey to do better for you, your home and the environment by rewriting the rules in the world of homecare. In my opinion, women are already way ahead and they don’t need any validation. It is their determination that is inspiring to bring this positive change in the society.”

Inspired by the concept of ‘Do Better’, Brand Nourish’s PUER range of products includes Home Care, Personal Care and Baby Care products. The home care category comprises of curated liquid detergents, dishwashing gels, fabric conditioners as well as floor cleaners. The personal care category consists of hand wash and liquid antiseptic.

With an intent to encourage adoption of natural and nature-based products, the formulation for the range of products highlights the efficacy of powerful natural ingredients. This, in turn, reiterates the brand’s ideology that effective products are not always a result of strong and complex chemicals