In the celebration of love and romance, Pride Hotels Group introduces an exclusive culinary celebration titled “Feast of Love.” This unique experience promises to immerse patrons in a romantic ambiance, creating unforgettable moments through meticulously crafted gourmet menus.

pride valentine

At Pride Hotel, Pune, the Casablanca venue will host a thematic buffet. The evening promises a symphony of flavors designed to kindle love, allowing couples to revel in the pinnacle of romance.

For those desiring a romantic and atmospheric dining experience by the poolside, Pride Hotel in Nagpur presents an exclusive set menu. This specially curated dinner, set against the backdrop of the night sky, guarantees not only an intimate ambiance but also promises to deliver a delightful culinary journey, creating an unforgettable rendezvous under the stars.

In the cultural heartland of India, Pride Plaza Hotel, Kolkata, hosts a buffet-style celebration at Cafe Treat. The evening promises a culinary experience that captures the essence of love, offering delectable delights in a delightful setting.

Meanwhile, Pride Plaza, Ahmedabad, offers two distinct experiences for couples to choose from. At Cafe Treat, a themed buffet creates an intimate setting for an unforgettable evening. Additionally, a special set menu by the poolside promises a lavish and romantic celebration.

Reservations have commenced, providing an opportunity for guests to secure their tables and partake in a memorable celebration of love at Pride Hotels Group. The Feast of Love stands as a distinctive option for a unique Valentine’s Day experience, where each moment becomes a testament to the beauty of love.