New Delhi, March 21, 2024: Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a leading diversified technology company with over 65 years of expertise in manufacturing Air Conditioners (ACs) today introduced a new 360-degree marketing campaign – Unlock the Future. The campaign aims to promote Panasonic ACs designed for smart homes featuring India’s first Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners (RACs) powered by Miraie. Panasonic’s latest Air Conditioner series, featuring Matter, an open-source connectivity standard for seamless integration among smart devices, is powered by Miraie, nanoe-X, and nanoe-G technologies.

Panasonic ‘Unlock the Future’ Campaign Image

It leverages Panasonic’s AI-enabled connected living platform – Miraie, to highlight the importance of undisturbed sleep that Indian Millennials and GenZs are talking about. Panasonic’s Sleep Profile powered by Miraie, over a period recognizes the sleep pattern, and dynamically adjusts temperature settings, accordingly, creates an ideal sleep environment tailored to individual needs, so users can now enjoy uninterrupted sleep. These ACs also contribute to healthier indoor air quality by inhibiting bacteria and viruses using nanoe-technology. The campaign takes a light-hearted route, shunning scare tactics. Through relatable, slice-of-life situations the latest campaign depicts how professionals with poor sleep habits struggle to accomplish tasks effectively amidst our stressed, fast-paced lives. Watch the campaign here

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Dhiraj Sharma, Head, Marcom & Brand, Panasonic Marketing India, PLSIND said, “According to consumer reports, India is the second most sleep-deprived country in the world. With over 67% of women and 56% of men feeling sleepy at work. Sleep deprivation makes us less productive, creative, and affects how well our brain works. Sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring optimal productivity in all aspects of life. While quantity of sleep remains crucial, so does its quality, and Panasonic is committed towards the overall well-being of its consumers, and in this case providing a superior sleep experience. Leveraging technology for greater good, we’ve designed the core theme for Panasonic air conditioners – ‘Unlock the future’. It highlights how Panasonic’s Miraie enabled air conditioners dynamically adjust to your sleep pattern to ensure an undisturbed sleep. The idea is to make anybody who thinks of buying an AC, thinks of Panasonic as the brand that cares for their wellbeing.”

Mr. Abhishek Verma, Business Head, Air Conditioners Group, PMIN, PLSIND said, “At Panasonic, we are committed towards the over-all well-being of our consumers. We use technology to continuously innovate to meet the evolving needs of our end users and this is in-line with our strategy to democratise technology. Miraie was a result of this and now, India’s first Matter enabled RACs powered by Miraie exemplifies this commitment. Our new range of ACs are tech-enabled and designed to deliver Cooling, Quality (reliability) and a Connected experience to redefine smart living. ‘Unlock the Future’ is an extension of our promise to provide ACs for true smart homes. With Young India fast adopting the digitisation route, we are anticipating a robust demand for our Miraie-enabled, smart ACs We are expecting a robust demand for ACs this season and are hoping to grow by 40% compared to last AC season.”

The 360-degree campaign will roll out across mediums, including television, FM, social media and other digital platforms; inviting consumers to join Panasonic in unlocking a brighter future through the power of uninterrupted sleep.