Chennai: Nutella, the hazelnut cocoa spread, has been bringing smiles to the faces of millions of consumers globally for 60 years now and has evolved into a household name. To take the celebrations of its 60th year a notch higher, Nutella® wants to celebrate the power of smiles, simply because the more you practice, the more they spread. A celebrative line of 11 delightful limited-edition jars has been unveiled on this occasion, to nurture the emotional bonding with all generations and diverse personalities.

Each jar in the limited-edition collection represents a character recognizable amongst our friends, family or even ourselves. The 11 iconic Persona jars aim to share smiles among our loved ones and are uniquely labelled, representing different facets of consumers’ personalities like The Captain, The Best Friend, The Photo Maker, The Pet Lover, The Boss, The Fashion Icon, The Chef, The Explorer, The Superhero, The Rockstar and The No. 1 Fan. These limited-edition jars will be available across India.

To mark the launch of these limited-edition jars, Nutella has unveiled a series of digital films with brand endorser, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Through the films, Ranveer asks viewers to spread smiles while showcasing all the 11 iconic jars, resonating the jar labels to himself and his loved ones. For instance, he relates himself as ‘The Fashion Icon ‘and ‘The Rockstar’, his mom as ‘The Chef’ and dedicates ‘The No.1 Fan’ jar to all his followers. He also encourages the audience to scan the QR code on the jars, where they can stand a chance to win an exclusive Nutella jumper and can dedicate a virtual jar with a message to their loved ones.

As part of the new campaign, Nutella® has launched an exciting on-pack promo. Consumers can scan the QR code on the lid of the jar, which will lead them to the website, where they can enter the contest and choose an Iconic Jar that most accurately represents their persona. 200 lucky winners will receive an exclusive Nutella 60 Years Jumper, and nearly 2000 lucky winners will receive exciting vouchers. Via the QR code, consumers can customize a virtual jar to write a message to a loved one also.

Zoher Kapuswala, Marketing Head, Nutella, Ferrero India, states: For 60 years, Nutella® has been a part of millions of households, spreading smiles and creating cherished memories. Through the campaign, we continue to celebrate ‘60 years of Nutella”, by inspiring our consumers to gift the most relevant jar to their loved ones or even themselves. These limited-edition iconic persona jars will instantly remind us of someone in our life who represents a persona and will create for a spontaneous gifting moment…thereby spreading smiles.