Mumbai Duty-Free proudly announces the launch of Nappa Dori at its Departure Store at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. This collaboration signifies a remarkable milestone for both entities, with Nappa Dori making its entry into the travel retail sector and Mumbai Duty Free expanding its premium collections to new horizons.

Nappa Dori, which aptly translates to ‘leather and thread,’ is an illustrious Indian-origin brand celebrated for its impeccable handcrafted leather goods and accessories. From an array of bags, including handbags, backpacks, and overnighters, to a spectrum of travel and lifestyle accessories such as passport covers, sunglass cases, luggage tags, utility pouches, tech gear, classic and printed wallets, watches, belts, footwear, personal care, furniture, tools, DIY kits, and even pet accessories, Nappa Dori seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary design in each meticulously crafted product. Collections like Odyssey, Khaki, Nordic, Auburn, and Grenadier further accentuate the brand’s commitment to quality and uniqueness, thereby enhancing the travel experience.

Mumbai Duty Free CEO – Mr. Avishek Bambi Das, “We are excited to introduce Nappa Dori’s diverse experience to our travellers. Their products are truly remarkable bridging Indian and modern sensibilities. Bringing in this unique and luxurious shopping platform, we show our commitment to always enabling the best of the best experience to complement the evolving expectations of our travellers.

Mr. Gautam Sinha- Founder and Creative Director of Nappa Dori expresses, “When I founded Nappa Dori, it was rooted in the belief of redefining the contemporary fashion experience through a unique and Indian lens. Venturing into the travel retail space allows us to share our craftsmanship with a global audience. Mumbai Duty Free provides the perfect space for this journey, and we are eager to offer the travellers with an immersive experience.”

This exclusive launch is set to make the journey of modern travellers interesting and exciting. As both Mumbai Duty Free and Nappa Dori, stand as pillars of excellence, this collaboration will turn out to be promising and unmatched.