WION Anchor Rahesha Sehgal recently dropped a major hint on her LinkedIn page, revealing exciting details about the India Fashion Awards 2024. This year’s theme, “Fashion for Good,” promises a fresh perspective on sustainable fashion. Rahesha’s teaser post via LinkedIn hints at a line-up of unsung heroes in the fashion industry, including artisans like Mubin Khatri, whose dedication to crafts like Ajrakh spans over 18 years.

Revealed - WION and IFA

In collaboration with WION, the India Fashion Awards will spotlight narratives that redefine the fashion landscape, shedding light on the intricate artistry and rich heritage behind sustainable fashion in India. With clues sparking anticipation via the LinkedIn post, the industry is excited for what promises to be a ground-breaking event. Stay tuned for more updates on this exclusive peek into the world of fashion with a purpose. #FashionForGood

This sneak peek promises to be just the beginning of an exhilarating journey into the heart of fashion innovation.