Bangalore, 15th February 2024: MMTC-PAMP, India’s only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery gold & silver refinery, announces an exciting Lock & Key Campaign, a unique initiative tailored to add memorable experiences for its valued consumers. As part of the initiative, MMTC-PAMP is all set to distribute 35,000 keys across Bengaluru through newspaper insertions. Each key unlocks the potential for lucky winners to take home the purest 99.99+% Gold or Silver products. This strategic marketing initiative aims to engage with communities and reinforce MMTC-PAMP as the preferred destination for premium precious metals; striving to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction in a unique and fun manner.


The Lock & Key challenge unfolds with an intriguing twist as 35,000 keys are being strategically distributed through newspaper insertions. Lucky readers who discovers a key in their newspaper, will visit their exclusive store a.k.a PVC (Purity Verification Centre) in Cauvery Bhavan, Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru, Karnataka to unlock specially designed locks. The lucky winners who successfully open these locks will be rewarded with MMTC-PAMP’s exquisite gold or silver products, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to the campaign. The Lock & Key campaign aligns with MMTC-PAMP’s strategy of fostering unique customer engagement, rewarding customers trust and building lasting connections.

Mr Vikas Singh, Managing Director and CEO at MMTC-PAMP, expressed enthusiasm about the campaign, stating, “At MMTC-PAMP, we thrive on curating unforgettable experiences for our customers who have always trusted us for their Gold and silver needs. Our Lock & Key initiative is not merely a campaign; it is a testament to our commitment to innovation and unique customer engagement. MMTC-PAMP stores, recognized as destination stores for 99.99+% purest gold and silver purchasing, have long been synonymous with offering unique and distinctively crafted products in the purest gold and silver. With the introduction of the Lock & Key campaign, we’ve elevated our commitment a step further, infusing an element of fun and excitement into the shopping experience for our discerning customers.”

“As we invite participants to unlock the possibilities with MMTC-PAMP, we are confident that this campaign will be a memorable chapter in our journey, adding a new dimension to how our customers perceive and interact with our brand. We believe that this initiative will strengthen our position as industry leaders, not just in terms of product quality but also in delivering unparalleled experiences”, Mr Singh added.

MMTC-PAMP, known for its commitment to providing high-quality, culturally diverse products to consumers, hosted this event at its one-stop shop for any gold & silver needs. To ensure the product’s authenticity, each MMTC-PAMP product carries a unique number and comes packaged in a certified signed by an Assayer. Each gold and silver product bought from MMTC-PAMP offers a positive weight & purity balance, which guarantees that every coin or bar you buy weighs more than the listed weight, ensuring customers get the highest value for their investment.

All products come with MMTC-PAMP’s stamp of authenticity deliver on the promise of 99.99+% purity and are crafted to the highest standards using the latest Swiss technology. There is a wide variety of purest gold and silver products to choose from this season and one can purchase them from MMTC-PAMP’s exclusive stores, leading jeweller partners, online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart or directly from MMTC-PAMP’s website,