Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) signifies a transformative evolution in transportation, offering a paradigm shift in urban and regional mobility systems. Unlike traditional transportation methods like cars, trains, and commercial airlines, AAM integrates a spectrum of groundbreaking technologies, including electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, autonomous drones, and urban air taxis. These state-of-the-art vehicles hold the potential to notably alleviate traffic congestion, decrease carbon emissions, and enhance accessibility to remote locations, all while delivering swifter and more efficient transportation solutions. With the rapid progression of electric propulsion, artificial intelligence, and urban infrastructure, AAM stands ready to introduce a fresh era of mobility characterized by enhanced safety, sustainability, and connectivity. Here is a rundown of the top companies using Advanced Air Mobility Technology in India –

JetSetGo – JetSetGo is India’s first transparent marketplace for private aviation – both executive jets and helicopters. Using new software solutions developed in-house, the company created a buzz in the industry, and the young idealistic founders created waves with their disruptive approach. With the costs and complexities of aircraft importation and ownership proving a major barrier to expanding India’s private jet fleet, JetSetGo pioneered flexible aircraft management and fleet solutions through its own diverse fleet of executive jets and helicopters. Recently JetSetGo announced strategic partnerships with three global aviation technology leaders –, Horizon Aircraft and Overair – to bring Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) solutions to India. JetSetGo believes AAM solutions have immense potential for greater mobility and connectivity across India’s urban and regional landscapes akin to the economic and social impact commercial air travel has had. As per the company’s analysis, the three AAM aircraft designs selected offer an optimal mix for five identified use cases: airport transfers, regional connectivity, intercity commute, intracity shuttles and urban air taxis.

Fly Blade IndiaFly Blade India, a subsidiary of BLADE Urban Air Mobility, represents a pioneering force in short-haul air mobility, envisioning a transformative impact on urban transportation in India. Partnering with local aviation companies, Fly Blade India is spearheading efforts to explore and establish opportunities for urban air mobility services across the country. With a mission to bridge accessibility concerns, Fly Blade India aims to cater to diverse travel needs, ranging from leisure and business travel to religious pilgrimage and medical emergencies. The company has announced a strategic partnership with EVE Air Mobility.

Inter Globe – InterGlobe Enterprises stands as a prominent player in multiple sectors, reflecting a steadfast dedication to bridging gaps between people and markets. Through unwavering commitment, the company has cultivated a robust presence across diverse industries, notably in aviation, hospitality, logistics, travel commerce, airline management, advanced pilot training, and aircraft maintenance engineering. In aviation, InterGlobe’s flagship venture, IndiGo, has redefined air travel accessibility in India with its low-cost carrier model. Recently, InterGlobe announced an order for a fleet of Midnight eVTOLs from Archer Aviation of the USA.

Cyient – Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company that specializes in providing design, manufacturing, and support services for various industries, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare, transportation, and semiconductor.In the aerospace and defense sector, Cyient provides engineering and manufacturing solutions to leading aircraft manufacturers, defense contractors, and suppliers. Recently they have announced that it entered into a memorandum of understanding with SkyDrive Inc., a leading Japanese eVTOL aircraft manufacturer.