National, 19 March 2024: coto, a groundbreaking women-only social community platform for digital entrepreneurship, proudly announces Komal Syal’s appointment as its newest Community Advisor. This move signifies the platform’s progressive approach to establishing a robust network of influential women leaders worldwide.

As a Community Advisor, Komal Syal will work closely with coto’s leadership team to develop strategies that promote inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment of coto women within the communities. Her insights will enrich decision-making processes and ensure that coto remains a trusted ally for women seeking connection, support, and personal growth. She will play a pivotal role in furthering coto’s mission of building a safe and responsible digital environment for women. Thus, encouraging them to create and consume content, share opinions and build connections, gain knowledge, and monetize their skills and expertise.

Komal holds the Managing Director and Team Head position at Bank Julius Baer in Singapore. With vast knowledge and experience as a private banker in various locations like India, the UK, and Singapore, she has previously catered to diverse markets including Brunei, Japan, and Russia. Throughout her career, Komal has stood out as the sole successful woman in the sales function, amongst her other male colleagues in the team. Her proven track record of empowering women across the Banking and Financial Service sector aligns perfectly with coto’s goal of financial independence and inclusion of women digitally. Her strategic insight and advocacy efforts are set to enhance the support and opportunities available to coto women significantly, driving forward the platform’s mission to empower digital entrepreneurship among women worldwide.

Komal Syal brings to coto a wealth of experience in banking, finance, and community engagement, alongside a passionate advocacy for women’s empowerment. Her role at coto will involve collaborating with the leadership team to spearhead initiatives that bolster inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment among coto’s community members. Syal’s expertise will be instrumental in guiding coto towards its goal of creating a safe, supportive, and dynamic digital environment for women.

Expressing her excitement about associating with coto, Komal shared, “I find the current gender ratio within the Banking industry, especially in Global NRI, less than ideal, with perhaps no more than 10% representation of women on the front lines, excluding support roles in the back office. In my role as a coto community advisor, I am committed to changing this narrative. My goal is to cultivate a team of empowered women, mentor them to become confident risk-takers, assertive leaders, and advocates for gender neutrality in the workplace.”

Commenting on Komal’s new onboarding, Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder of coto, said, “We are delighted to welcome Komal Syal to the coto family. Her profound commitment to empowering women and her expertise in fostering positive change makes her an invaluable asset to us and our mission. With her unique perspective and rich experience, we are certain that Komal will guide us in expanding coto’s horizons and empower women worldwide.”

Before her tenure at Bank Julius Baer, Singapore, Komal was the Managing Director and Team Head at Standard Chartered in Singapore for five years. As a mother of three daughters, she takes pride in instilling in them the values and principles of independence as women, encompassing financial management, educational pursuits, and household responsibilities from an early age. Komal actively engages her daughters in discussions about financial news, current affairs, and international updates, fostering a shared interest in staying informed within the family.