Karting superserie

Bangalore 15th May 2023– The second round of Karting SuperSeries, held in Bangalore, saw a massive number of 270 participants in Meco Kartopia on Saturday. Though rain played a spoilsport, it didn’t dampen the spirit of the drivers who waited for their turn till night-time.

With the format of finding the fastest 36 drivers on Saturday, Meco Kartopia, a flagship venue of the National Karting Championship, was buzzing with anticipation and thrill of the 270 registrants. The initial hours of Qualifying saw the drivers putting in lap times of high 24 seconds and low 25 seconds. Then, the rain decided to spoil the party for a few.

On a wet track, the lap times would be much slower than those in dry conditions. It was an unfortunate situation for some but that is sport and it can be cruel at times.

Many of the participants, putting aside their misfortune, wanted the experience of racing and were grateful for the opportunity presented to them. One such positive driver was Adil Ibrahim who was all praises about the feel of the 4-stroke kart and its performance and that “it was worth the wait to drive it.”

Dona R, a thirteen-year-old girl, set the fastest qualifying lap of the 270 participants with a time of 24.7 seconds. She finished second in the Heat (one of the four eight-lap races), moving to the semi-finals and winning it with almost a half-a-lap lead over the runner-up. Dona continued her winning streak by winning the Bangalore Round Final and will be heading to Hyderabad for the Grand Finale on 4 June 2023.

The following are the Top 6 of Round 2: Bangalore

Dona R Sawan Sathyanarayan Dhruvin Bharoliva John S Thomas Akash Nandagawali Ishaan M

The Mobil 1 Powered Driver was Jeeth Deepak Sai. He is a fourteen-year-old with no prior experience in karting. He qualified ninth in the Top 36 and was one of the finalists on Sunday. The Karting SuperSeries moved to the city of Thrissur for the third round on 13th-14th May 2023 in Speedway Thrissur.