Mumbai, Maharashtra (Feb. 22, 2024)Juju Productions, a Boston-based music production company, announced that it will release “MITWA,” a groundbreaking musical composition and video, on February 23, 2024. MITWA is a musical tribute, featuring the legendary late Ustad Rashid Khan and Anuradha Juju.


This eagerly awaited project showcases the unparalleled vocal talent of the late Ustad Rashid Khan, a figure of immense stature in the world of classical music, alongside the accomplished Indian-American singer Anuradha Juju. The release will be available across all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Saavn,

“MITWA” tells the captivating story of a dancer’s love for a singer, blending classical and semi-classical music styles with the majestic strings of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. The video features the esteemed Rohit Roy, a veteran star of Indian television and films, and the exceptionally talented choreographer and dancer, Aditi Bhagwat, embodying the lead roles with sheer perfection.

Composer Rahul Ranade expressed his feelings about the collaboration: “When I approached Ustad-ji with my idea for a unique composition that combines different styles, he was immediately intrigued. It is with a heavy heart that we release this work without his physical presence, but we dedicate ‘MITWA’ as a mark of respect for his unparalleled versatility and creative genius. Vaibhav Joshi’s words are poignant and resonate with great emotion. It is a delight to work with him.”

Anuradha Juju, reflecting on the experience, said, “Working on ‘MITWA’ was a profound educational journey for me, and a tribute to Ustad Rashid Khan, a monumental figure in classical music whose legacy will forever be etched in history. I will forever cherish the memory of his reaction when he first heard the song in Boston in June 2023. His encouragement and magnanimity towards a novice like me were truly inspiring. Rohit Roy’s exceptional portrayal of the singer has brought the story to life, and Aditi Bhagwat’s sublime choreography has added a magical dimension to the song. The composition by Rahul, enhanced by Ishaan’s prodigious production, is nothing short of golden.”

“It is an honour to feature in a video of Ustad Ji’s last song and I will forever cherish this moment. I have been his starstruck life-long and it is an emotional moment for those involved with the making of this amazing song. When Bappa Lahiri of Juju Productions called me I said “yes” right away because I knew that the quality of the product would be exceptional. What can I even say about Anuradha ji… her voice is so mellifluous that you can sense her in the video. And lastly, Aditi Bhagwat made the entire video come alive with her dance and expressions. I am certain that this will be a video for the ages – and will serve as our collective ode to the genius of Ustad Rashid Khan Saheb.”, Said Rohit Roy, the lead actor.

Ravi Botaljee directed the video with Abhishek Basu in charge of the camera work.

Juju Productions invites music enthusiasts and fans across the globe to experience “MITWA,” a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, celebrating the genius of Ustad Rashid Khan and the collaborative spirit of the artists involved. Mark your calendars for February 23, 2024, and be part of this musical journey that transcends boundaries and generations.