Friday, 15th March, India – MarketXLS, a prominent SaaS subscription-based financial data analysis tool headquartered in Ireland, has announced its successful expansion into the Indian market with the launch of its product, The Excel Solution for Investment Professionals. The grand unveiling was officiated by Ireland’s Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, Simon Coveney, as part of Ireland’s seven day trade visit to India this week.

MarketXLS aims to democratize investment tools for professionals in India, particularly wealth managers and financial analysts seeking comprehensive, user-friendly, and institutional-grade data to empower informed decision-making for their clients. Recognizing that the process requires efficient data collection and analysis from diverse sources to stay competitive and maximize profitability, MarketXLS has addressed this need by offering The Excel Solution, a powerful Excel-based solution for financial market analysis.

Simon Coveney, Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, expressed his enthusiasm for MarketXLS’ arrival in India, stating, “I am delighted to see MarketXLS bringing its innovative solution to the Indian market. This week the Irish government is leading a significant trade visit to India to support Irish companies like MarketXLS to establish and grow in the Indian market, bringing innovation, investment and high value employment.”

MarketXLS utilizes MS Office Excel, eliminating the need for complex programming languages. It seamlessly integrates with trusted partners like Zerodha and Angel One for real-time data. Additionally, it offers comprehensive fundamental data from Morningstar and pricing data from NSE, and provides readymade, validated templates by top traders for simplified analysis.

Furthermore, it enables users to track options data, volume, open interest, IV, and more directly within Excel. Users report increased profitability through journaling, tracking, and analyzing past trades.

The company prioritizes user feedback and consistently updates its platform with new tools like spreadsheet builders, historical data access, stock ranks, and profit calculators, enabling users to perform intricate financial analysis with ease.

The platform also enables Indian users to analyse both Indian and US markets within the same platform. This allows them to test strategies using high-volume US data and customize them for the Indian market.

Ankur Mohan, Founder & CEO of MarketXLS, expressed his confidence in the platform’s value for Indian professionals, stating, “We are confident that Indian investment professionals will benefit greatly from our user-friendly platform and premium datasets. Our goal is to empower both option traders and investment professionals to conduct advanced analysis using the familiar world of Excel, without the need to learn new platforms.”

Jennifer Melia, Executive Director, Enterprise Ireland, said: “Enterprise Ireland is proud to support MarketXLS’s expansion into the Indian market with their innovative ‘The Excel Solutions’ product. We are committed to supporting Irish companies to scale and grow in international markets, and there is an ever-increasing demand for solutions to global challenges from our pipeline of talented Irish businesses. Enterprise Ireland is proud to support the Irish Government’s trade and investment visit to India this week, in honour of St Patrick’s Day, as we believe it will build upon and strengthen these existing business and education ties between our two countries, and identify opportunities for new successful partnerships. We are delighted to support MarketXLS as they expand their operations into this exciting market, where there are significant opportunities for Irish companies to grow.”

As MarketXLS expands globally, users can expect a continuously enhanced user experience and unparalleled support for their financial endeavours.