Noida, March 9, 2024: The grand opening of Climb City, India’s largest indoor climbing destination, marked a triumphant celebration on March 6 th . Nestled in the heart of Noida at Sector 132, this expansive 17,000-square-foot indoor adventure sports haven beckons
adventure enthusiasts for an unparalleled one-day escapade.

 Breaking new ground in experiential entertainment, Climb City proudly showcases 3,000 square feet of climbing space with 3 monumental walls—a first of its kind in India standing tall at heights of 12 meters for top rope climbing and 6 meters bouldering, featuring 550+ holds.

co founder of climb city

 Climb City is more than just a climbing gym; it’s a secure and air-conditioned haven designed to captivate climbers of all skill levels. Offering top-rope, autobelay, and bouldering experiences, it ensures a diverse and thrilling adventure.

 The 12 lanes of top rope, secured with a harness, is manned by a professional belayer, while autobelay relies on an automatic device for a controlled descent. The 150 bouldering problems are done sans harness and provides a dynamic challenge with thick crash pads ensuring safety. New climbers were given a brief orientation, covering risks, belay, etiquettes, lead climbing, falling and safety.

 The brainchild of a dynamic quartet, Climb City showcases the visionary collaboration of Pranav Jain, Prateek Jain, Riddhika Jain and Rishab Gupta. Pranav Jain is an avid climbing enthusiast and the force behind the project. Inspired by his exploits in the outdoors and navigating the world of climbing, Pranav recognised the untapped potential of wall climbing in air-conditioned comfort in the region and sowed the seed for Climb City. Pranav is IRATA Level 1 certified, a course in safe practices and measures for working at heights.

“Climb City is the realisation of a dream born from years of exploration and research, aiming to provide a heart-pounding yet safe rock-climbing experience. I wanted to create a space where people could escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary and experience climbing in a way that can open new perspectives,” explains Pranav Jain, founder and climbing expert. “Climb City is not just about climbing walls; it’s about pushing limits, discovering the thrill of adventure, and having a memorable experience.”

 Riddhika Jain is the meticulous creator of the dedicated soft play zone for children – Hoppers.Rishab Gupta is the culinary virtuoso and visionary behind the celebrated Mediterranean restaurant Burash, located on the same premises as Climb City. Prateek, a seasoned finance specialist, oversees the business operations.

 Beyond the climbing excitement, Climb City offers an extensive space for families to explore, ensuring a delightful day out for both kids and adults. The soft play zone with over 40 activities such as slides, trampoline, obstacle course and foam pit crafted for children, ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. While children can enjoy the zone and young adults can test their mettle in rock climbing within secure surroundings, Burash gives parents and older adults a place to rest their tired souls and relish delectable cuisine.

 “With Climb City, we aim to blend the thrill of ascent with the exquisite flavours of Burash. It’s not just a place to experience adventure or have a fantastic meal. It is conceived as the ultimate one-day retreat—a serene oasis where families and friends can come together to forge core memories,” expresses Rishab Gupta.

 The newest addition to Noida’s leisure landscape, Climb City caters to all age groups, offering a unique blend of culinary excellence and adventurous pursuits. It intends to take you to a journey of discovery, excitement, and unparalleled fun. Reasonably priced at INR 800 for 3 hours, the adrenaline-pumping climbs promise an unforgettable adventure for seasoned climbers and first-time adventurers alike.