National, 16th February 2023: Incubez, the world’s pioneer Over-The-Top (OTT) platform dedicated to nurturing the startup ecosystem, proudly unveils its innovative platform. Founded by Mr. Koushik Chitrapu and Ms. Nivya Paidipally, had a grand launch on February 14th at T-Hub Hyderabad, attended by over 300 startup founders, investors, and mentors. The event was graced by dignitaries, including Srinivas Rao Mahankali (CEO, T-Hub), T R KrishnaKumar Rao (Chancellor, ICFAI University), and others, showcasing strong ecosystem support for Incubez.Among the attendees were notable startups and VCs from across India.

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It emerges as a unique repository of wisdom, offering unparalleled insights into the real challenges of initiating and scaling a business. With a holistic coverage of the entrepreneurial journey, the platform showcases empowering narratives from seasoned mentors, invaluable investor insights, and philosophies from triumphant founders. It transcends being a mere learning resource to become a beacon of support for individuals navigating the dynamic landscape of startup life.

The OTT platform hosts a vast library and reference points encompassing the journey from ‘Zero to One’ and beyond, shedding light on both the functional and emotional aspects of entrepreneurship. Incubez provides invaluable resources tailored for entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem enablers, and every stakeholder in the startup ecosystem, offering enthusiasts profound insights into the intricacies of building a startup.

Mr. Koushik Chitrapu, the visionary force behind Incubez, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform. He stated, “We’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating Incubez as a solution to the visibility challenges plaguing the startup ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a platform where knowledge and experience are shared, empowering startups to soar to new heights of success.”

Echoing this sentiment, Ms. Nivya Paidipally emphasized Incubez’s commitment to authenticity and inclusivity: “At Incubez, we believe in sharing not only success stories but also the challenges and setbacks that entrepreneurs face. By fostering transparency and community, we aim to create an environment where every entrepreneur feels supported in their journey.”

Incubez’s dedication to addressing visibility challenges within the startup ecosystem has garnered substantial support from investors like Mr. Raghunandandas Argula, who recognizes the platform’s potential impact. Renowned for fostering community and empathy within the consulting world, Mr. Argula expressed his enthusiasm for embarking on the entrepreneurial journey alongside Incubez.

Incubez invites entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and enthusiasts to explore its platform and join the movement toward a future where guidance, mentorship, and inspiration are readily accessible to all.