Kolkata, March 11th 2024: The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development (iLEAD) proudly announces its latest accolade of winning ‘Gold’ in the category of ‘Excellence in Green Tech and Sustainable Practices’ award, received at the Economic Times’ TechEDU India Awards 2024 held in Mumbai. iLEAD was selected among the top 3 finalists, alongside Assam Downtown University and JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research (Mysuru) under this esteemed category. The official tabulator of the prestigious award had been Ernst & Young (E&Y). This recognition underscores iLEAD’s commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness both within its campus and the broader community.

At the heart of iLEAD’s mission lies a dedication to promoting sustainable practices among its students and the surrounding community. From the inception of its fully sustainable green building, constructed entirely with upcycled and recycled materials, to innovative initiatives like ‘Waste Billionaire,’ iLEAD continues to lead by example in the realm of environmental stewardship.

The ‘Waste Billionaire’ initiative stands as a testament to iLEAD’s innovative approach to sustainability. By transforming discarded items into upcycled and recycled products, such as shelves crafted from old refrigerators and sofas fashioned from bicycle tires, iLEAD not only reduces waste but also fosters economic growth within the community by providing employment opportunities.

“iLEAD’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond physical initiatives to encompass educational endeavors as well. As the sole institution offering sustainable fashion and interior design courses in Kolkata, iLEAD is pioneering a new generation of environmentally conscious professionals. Additionally, the publication of the book ‘Waste- A Great Untapped Business Opportunity’ by Mr. Pradip Chopra underscores iLEAD’s dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainability. Furthermore, our community engagement efforts, such as the eco-friendly Durga Puja celebration at Maitri Sangha last year featuring an idol crafted from discarded automobile parts, exemplify our holistic approach to sustainability”, said Ms. Pragya Chopra, Executive Director iLEAD.

“We are deeply honored to receive the ‘Excellence in Green Tech and Sustainable Practices’ award from The Economic Times TechEDU India Awards 2024,” remarked Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman of iLEAD, who is at the helm of these sustainable initiatives. “This recognition validates our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into every facet of our institution and empower future leaders to embrace environmental responsibility”, he said.

As iLEAD continues to set the standard for excellence in green technology and sustainable practices, the institution remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive environmental change and inspiring future generations to embrace sustainability as a core value.