Holistic Wellness Specialist

Kolkata, 11th October, 2023:iLEAD, Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development, a premiere school of business, creativity and science & technology in association with One Rep Global, Lakshmi Chopra Foundation and PH Corp, held an enlightening session on holistic lifestyle and wellness on October 9th, 2023. The session was conducted by health and wellness specialist, Dr. Marian Alonzo, Medical Chief of The Farm Resort, San Benito, Philippines. She was also accompanied by Ms. Jennifer Sanvictores, Global Head of Sales, Marketing, and Communications at The Farm.

iLEAD’s primary objective behind hosting this event was to provide guidance to the young minds, encouraging them to embark on a journey of physical and mental well-being. The goal was to help them construct a holistic lifestyle that not only eliminates the risk of chronic illnesses among the students but also sets them on a transformative path towards both personal and professional growth.

Dr. Marian Alonzo held the audience captive with her insights on ‘Optimal Health.’ She shared her personal health journey and encouraged attendees to unlock a world of physical and mental well-being, emphasizing the significance of quality sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet consisting of nutritious and organic foods. Dr. Alonzo also focused on ‘Cardiomyopathy’, a heart muscle disease, and recommended ‘bilateral tapping’ as a stress and anxiety management technique. She also explained how detoxification is important to maintain menopause and andropause health.

She also came up with invaluable advice that empowered individuals and families that are battling heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, offering them a path to improved health and well-being. The audience left the session ecstatic and enlightened, armed with simple yet effective tricks and tips to take control of chronic lifestyle ailments.

Ms. Sanvictores, a visionary leader with over 20 years of experience in luxury hospitality and wellness tourism, also graced the session with her insights. She discussed the growing trend of wellness integration within the hospitality industry, highlighting how modern travellers seek hotels that prioritize wellness during their vacations. She also explained how wellness is a socio-environmental responsibility and how wellness therapy is boosting the travel industry. She mentioned that a person spends 130% more on wellness travelling in comparison to just vacationing. The session was enlightening for the travel and tourism enthusiasts as well.

iLEAD experienced an engaging and interactive session with Dr. Marian Alonzo and Ms. Jennifer Sanvictores, leaving attendees inspired and enlightened about holistic approaches to a healthier lifestyle.

About iLEAD: iLEAD–The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development is a world-class premier institute based in Kolkata. We offer degree courses in media, management, design, technology, allied health, tourism and other professional studies both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels under the iLEAD School of Business, iLEAD School of Creativity and iLEAD School of Science and Technology.

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About One Rep Global:One Rep Global is a leading sales and marketing organisation that offers a 360-degree approach and bespoke solutions to luxury hotels, travel, luxury lifestyle and wellness brands. We are a one stop solution across multiple disciplines offering sales representation, creative studio services, digital marketing, public relations and consultancy services. Our services are tailored to each individual client’s unique requirements, helping them to expand reach, enhance visibility and acquire profitable market share. Driven by an experienced team of professionals that harness their expertise to integrate innovation, creativity and technology, ensuring deliverance of measurable results. Our primary goal is to give you the most credible voice and help you build a powerful presence in India and the Middle East.

About Lakshmi Chopra Foundation: Lakshmi Chopra Cancer Foundation is a compassionate initiative dedicated to supporting patients and their families throughout this demanding journey, facilitating access to the most suitable treatments and ultimately enhancing patients’ life expectancies. To accomplish this mission, the foundation has assembled a distinguished panel of esteemed oncology experts encompassing various specialties such as medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, onco-nutritionists, gynaecologic-oncologists, hematologist-oncologists, thoracic oncologists, neuro-oncologists, and more. These experts will provide invaluable advice and consultations, guiding patients towards the most optimal course and right line of treatment. Additionally, the foundation has established strategic partnerships with top-tier diagnostic centers, ensuring patients receive accurate diagnoses that serve as a foundation for the most effective treatment plans.