Gurugram, 21st March 2024: Healthians’ flagship initiative, Health on Wheels has achieved 26,000 kilometers’ milestone, bringing vital healthcare services to thousands across India’s diverse landscapes. With a steadfast commitment to equitable healthcare access, Healthians is revolutionizing the delivery of essential services directly to communities’ doorsteps.

Since its inception, Health on Wheels has conducted more than 300+ camps nationwide. Through this innovative approach, Healthians bridges the gap between healthcare services and underserved populations, ensuring that every individual, regardless of location or circumstance, has access to quality healthcare. The initiative has helped many senior citizens, expecting women, among others to have access to healthcare diagnostics at their doorstep.

Deepak Sahni, the founder of Healthians, emphasizes the transformative impact of Health on Wheels, stating, “Our mission extends beyond diagnostics; it’s about empowering individuals to claim their right to healthcare access. Through Health on Wheels, we’re not only dismantling barriers; we’re reshaping the very fabric of healthcare accessibility in India.”

As Healthians continues to pioneer healthcare innovation and impact, it remains steadfast in its dedication to building a healthier, more inclusive society for all.

By extending its services to marginalized communities and remote regions, such as Delhi NCR and Jaipur, Healthians remains steadfast in its mission to democratize healthcare and prioritize the health and well-being of every individual, regardless of location or circumstance.

Established in 2015 by serial entrepreneur, Deepak Sahni, Healthians is committed to providing reliable health test services to individuals across India. With operations in over 250 cities and a network of 20+ certified laboratories, Healthians ensures that everyone can access quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes. Through the expertise of certified and trained phlebotomists, Healthians prioritizes precision and care in every sample collected, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery.

The Health on Wheels initiative was conceptualized and launched by the company in May 2022.