NEW DELHI, February 06, 2024 – Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services firm focused on delivering outcomes that transform businesses, announced a new multi-year engagement with Advantage Solutions (NASDAQ: ADV), a leading provider of sales and marketing services to consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. Combining Genpact’s domain, process, and technology expertise, with Advantage Solutions’ extensive industry experience, and leading technology platforms like Salesforce, provides solutions to foster competitive advantages and growth for global consumer goods companies.

 Genpact will lead the implementation of a suite of industry-leading platforms, including Salesforce Order Management, Esker for order automation, HighRadius for Cash App automation, collections, and smart deduction management, and Genpact’s digital business platform Genpact Cora, to rapidly scale Advantage’s commerce operations to drive fast, smart business decisions with AI-enabled and experience-led digital transformation capabilities. These platforms will unlock value through scalability, flexibility, and adaptability to streamline processes, reduce complexities and expenses, as well as enhance collaboration and efficiency across organizations.

 “Consumer goods and retail companies that embrace data, AI, and digital transformation in their operations are better equipped to respond swiftly to market changes,” said BK Kalra, President and CEO-Designate, Genpact. “Genpact’s AI-first posture, coupled with our focus on leveraging industry-leading technology partnerships, is poised to transform the Advantage Solutions consumer goods-retail ecosystem, delivering deeper value and empowering their customers to outcompete in their markets.”

 In this transformative alliance, Genpact will build an advanced, custom digital platform to automate various back-office processes for Advantage, including order-to-cash services, contract management, trade-program management, vendor-managed inventory support, call-center services, electronic data interchange, and data synchronization. This platform is designed to heighten speed and accuracy in supporting clients with these services.​

 “Leveraging technology and data for real-time insights is vital for competitive agility, and this agreement enables us to provide our clients improved, state-of-the art services without disruption,” said Dave Peacock, CEO, Advantage Solutions. “We recognize the need for an advanced digital infrastructure to help drive efficiencies and create capacity to reinvest in our core capabilities and accelerate growth. Through the work we’ll do together, we will offer clients and customers an improved overall experience as we strive to be more proactive and agile in exceeding their expectations in this dynamic environment.”

 “Our ongoing collaboration with Genpact enhances Salesforce’s ability to deliver impactful and transformational solutions for our customers, like Advantage Solutions,” said Matt DeTroia, Senior Vice President, Alliances and Channel Revenue, Salesforce. “Genpact’s expertise in technology, strategy, and process efficiency, driven by a results-oriented mindset, differentiates their capabilities to empower long-standing customer success.”