Young Ficci Ladies Organisation (YFLO) is a unique platform for young women from diverse professional and entrepreneurial backgrounds to interact with each other. The primary objective of YFLO is to promote professional excellence in women. It acts as a catalyst for the social and economic advancement of women and society at large and endeavors to make women aware of their strengths.

FICCI YFLO hosted an empowering event “Because she can” on Women’s Day – a platform that celebrates the limitless potential of women who dare to dream big and empower each other. In recognition of her influential advocacy in the Holistic Health & Wellness domain, Mira Kapoor was honored during the event. She has skillfully carved a unique identity by fervently promoting wellness and holistic living through her influential presence on social media. Her passion transcends the digital realm as she actively encourages individuals to embrace natural approaches to health and beauty.

Mira further adds, “ As women of today, let’s bring back the wisdom passed down by those who raised us, turning it into a heartfelt tribute. This celebration is about respecting the richness of our Indian culture, encouraging us to feel beautiful in our own unique way. Tonight is all about owning and celebrating our identity as Indian women – a simple yet powerful reminder to embrace our roots and radiate the beauty that comes from within.”

Beyond her advocacy for holistic living, Mira Kapoor utilizes her platform to champion women’s empowerment and raise awareness about mental health. Through a thoughtful blend of lifestyle promotion and meaningful societal contributions, she exemplifies the spirit of “Because she can,” inspiring countless others to embrace their potential and make a positive impact.