Kolkata, 20th March, 2024: Dollar Industries Limited, one of the frontrunners in the India hosiery industry, has come to represent affordable fashion and durability for its customers. With their latest advertising campaign, the company has set a new benchmark aimed at shining light yet again on Dollar Bigboss products.

“We have enhanced the Bigboss range to include not only innerwear but also athleisure, gym- wear, and casuals for men. Through our enduring decade-long partnership with our brand ambassador, superstar Mr Akshay Kumar, our brand has experienced substantial growth”, said Mr Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Dollar Industries Limited.

The television campaign of Dollar Bigboss is a new take on the brand, underscoring all the inherent values. The storyline is about a suave urban man, unfazed by the chaos and confusion of traffic, on his way to an important meeting.  The wearer (Akshay Kumar) who is scheduled to attend an important meeting is clearly getting badly delayed as his car is caught in a snarl-up over a waterbody. An idea hits him and he decides to ditch the road route and opts to go through water on a skate board as he catches sight of ongoing water sports. The young girl he approaches is only too happy to lend him her board, mesmerised as she is by his aura. So, we catch him gliding smoothly over water, avoiding vehicles altogether and reaching the venue of the meeting right on time, even as attendees are impressed by his punctuality. “Fit hai, Boss,” says the face of the brand, reinforcing the dependability that Dollar Bigboss represents.

The commercial has been directed by the renowned Ad film maker, Uzer Khan and has been released on both electronic and online platforms. There is a concerted plan of supporting the campaign through digital, social media, high-impact outdoor locations, print and TV.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr Mohit Pasricha, Unit Creative Director, Lowe Lintas said “Quite frankly, being punctual isn’t something that should be even up for debate. Unfortunately, being late has become the usual norm. However, come to think about it, and we will realise that the people who should be the most ‘busy’, are in fact very particular about time. The same holds true for Akshay. Despite being such a busy superstar, Akshay is a real stickler for punctuality. So, when we conceived the new commercial, we decided to stitch Akshay’s life values with riveting water-sport action so that in the end, it is not just relatable to the audience but also makes for an entertaining watch”.

Agency: Lowe Lintas Kolkata
Creative: Prateek Bharadwaj, Mohit Pasricha, Sushant Joshi, Sajid Khan, Suyog Mahadik
Account Management: Indranil Mitra, Rohit Chakraborty

Production: 30 Seconds of Fame
Dollar Bigboss is a high-quality collection of men’s underwear and now athleisure, gym wear and casual clothing designed to complement the modern lifestyles of men in the country. Crafted from 100% cotton yarn, the products guarantee comfort and style and ensure every action exudes confidence of the wearer.