This Women’s Day, forget the wilting flowers and generic chocolates. Let’s celebrate the phenomenal women in our lives with gifts that empower, pamper, and reflect their unique personalities!

 Expressing his thoughts on the idea of this range of products, Mr. Gaurav Bhagat, Managing Director, Consortium Gifts, said, “At Consortium Gifts, we believe that celebrating women goes beyond just a single day. That’s why we’ve curated a collection that transcends the ordinary, offering gifts as unique and multifaceted as the women themselves. From pampering essentials to everyday necessities, our range empowers you to find the perfect token to express your appreciation for the remarkable women in your life, every day of the year.”

 We go beyond the ordinary, offering a diverse range that extends far beyond the basics. From luxurious travel essentials like the Voyage Dopp Kit to practical everyday companions like the Furr essentials pack (featuring sunscreen spray and a scalp massager brush), our selection caters to every woman’s unique needs and preferences.

furr sunscreen body spray

 But that’s not all! We also offer a variety of electronics, day-to-day essentials, stylish accessories, and even unforgettable experiences to make your gift truly special.

 Here are some highlights from our collection:
● Voyager Dopp Kit: Because she’s a jetsetter with a mission, this stylish dopp kit keeps her travel essentials organized and chic, whether it’s conquering boardrooms or exploring ancient ruins.
● Furr Essentials Pack: Pamper the queen with this self-care selection. From soothing Furr Sunscreen Spray to invigorating Furr Scalp Massager Brush, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for the busy bee.
● Pee Safe Range: Equip her with the ultimate confidence kit. Pee Safe Cramp Relief and Disposable Seat Covers offer peace of mind, while Pee Safe Bio Tampons and Seat Sanitizer Spray ensure hygiene on the go.
● Diva Smartwatch: This timeless beauty combines elegance with cutting-edge tech, making it the perfect accessory for the woman who has it all.
● Mini Zip Around Wallets: Functional and fashionable, these wallets keep her essentials close and her style on point.

● Crystal Candle Stand: Add a touch of serenity to her space with a mesmerizing crystal candle stand.
● Canvas Backpacks: For the adventurous soul, a sturdy canvas backpack is the perfect companion for exploring the city or the great outdoors.
● Yoga Mat: Empower her well-being with a yoga mat, ideal for unwinding and practicing self-care.
● Premium 6-Piece Desk Set: Level up her workspace with a sleek and organized desk set, perfect for the woman who means business.
● Ladies Leather Handbag: A timeless classic, a leather handbag adds a touch of sophistication to her everyday look.
● Signature Pens: Because a woman’s words hold power, a luxurious signature pen elevates every note she takes.

 This Women’s Day, celebrate the multifaceted women in your life with gifts that reflect their strength, spirit, and individuality.