Hyderabad, January 12, 2024..….Former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy’s 82nd Birth Anniversary will be celebrated on 16th January at Spoorthi Sthal. Jaipal Reddy Memorial Place, PVR Marg ( Necklace Road ), near Sanjeevaiah Park, Hyderabad from 9 AM onwards.

On the occasion of the dedication of Spoorthi Sthal, a memorial built to honour his indelible legacy and lifetime spent in service of the people will be held. A floral tribute will be held.

Several politicians are expected to pay Floral Tributes to Late Sri S. Jaipal Reddy, Former Union Minister, and an “Outstanding Parliamentarian”, disclosed a press note issued by S. Jaipal Reddy Memorial Foundation in the city today.

Late Shri S. Jaipal Reddy

The Indian Society of Landscape Architects, on behalf of the S Jaipal Reddy Memorial Foundation, organized a Memorial Landscape Design Competition. It sought designs through the contest from Landscape Architect design teams and sought proposals that demonstrate excellence in the role of landscape features and their interrelation in the design of the Memorial named Spoorthi Sthal. The best design is adopted and developed accordingly keeping in mind about local environment and the same is being dedicated on the occasion of his birth anniversary. It is meant for general public utility apart from Memorial That memorial will be rededicated on January 16.

Jaipal Reddy is widely regarded for his Liberal, progressive and democratic values. He has been an ardent proponent of Democracy and a Representative Form of Government. His thoughts and ideas were penned in his book “Ten Ideologies: The Great Asymmetry between Agrarianism and Industrialism”. Democracy is included in it as a separate chapter.

Democracy is a system of government where citizens hold power. They can impact important decisions, either directly or through the people they elect. Democracy is based on freedom and equality between all people. Jaipal Reddy dedicated his life to upholding the democratic values in the Indian Political System.

The moral, social, and political philosophies of the Upanishads, Buddha, Plato, Gandhi, Vivekananda, Nehru, Ambedkar and Bertrand Russell inspired and guided him. His speeches and writings were wise, insightful, incisive, eloquent, and laced with wit.

Representative pic of Spoorthi Sthal

He shepherded the passage of the bill for the formation of Telangana in 2014.

A politician par excellence, Sri Reddy was a Member of the Legislative Assembly for four consecutive times. He was a Member of Parliament seven times and Union Cabinet Minister for more than 10 years. He had a political career spanning over 50 years. He was a brilliant parliamentarian known for his oratorical skills and political acumen. His speeches were packed with knowledge, information, criticism and wit. He passed away on July 28th 2019 at the age of 77 years, and despite his physical disability carried on his journey with grit, and determination and stood as an inspiration to many.

Reddy was an elected representative for nearly 45 years and his contribution to the discussions in Parliament earned him, “The Outstanding Parliamentarian Award, 1998”.

Shri Reddy worked relentlessly all his life for the strengthening of Democratic Ideals and in service of the underprivileged and the marginalized. The world misses his reassuring presence and uncommon sagacity.