New Delhi, March 11, 2024: Chupa Chups, one of the most iconic confectionery brands from the house of Perfetti Van Melle, has once again dialed up its quirk quotient with the introduction of three New whacky shapes- Cat, Feet, and Crawlers, as an addition to its Sour jelly portfolio. The brand known for its spontaneous and cheeky fun has also launched an exclusive campaign Shape of Fun to bring alive the new shapes. The campaign dials up further on the brand’s global philosophy of Forever Fun which manifests into a strong call to action and positioning in the form of Kabhi Ruke Na Fun for India.

chupa chup

Known for its Sour sanded & playful offerings, Chupa Chups continues to redefine the confectionery experience, this time with the launch of distinctive flavours in playful shapes and eye-catching packaging. The dual-coloured jellies, infused with sour taste and prank-inspired shapes promise to elevate the consumption experience. The assortment includes 3 New Bags – one for each shape Rockat, CrazyFeet & Crawlers, available in a wide range of flavors across the 3 packs Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry, Cola, Lime, Apple, and Blackcurrant flavors. It boasts of a vibrant combination promising a burst of creativity and fun in every bite, offering 3 shapes, 7 flavors, and 9 vibrant colors. Each pack is priced at Rs 10 for General Trade. Bigger packs for Organized Trade are also expected to hit the market soon.

The launch is being supported with an exclusive TV and digital campaign hitting the screens nationwide in March.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, it opens in a karate class, in which the New Chupa Chups shapes are brought alive through a set of dramatic sequences. Packed with some unexpected twists and moves, the drama is around New Shapes that set the crescendo for Fun and trigger some delightful madness amongst kids and teens.

Culminating with a twist where the puzzled Sensei also finds himself swept up in the frenzy, the vibrant ad promises to captivate everyone, nudging them to keep having Fun.

Link to the new TV campaign film – New Chupa Chups Jellies- Choose your Shape of Fun! – YouTube

The campaign will air nationwide across channels on TV with a strong Digital activation.

Speaking about the campaign, Gunjan Khetan, Marketing Director, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “Chupa Chups has consistently excelled in its product portfolio, providing consumers with unique offerings infused with innovation and fun in every aspect. We offer a wide assortment of sour jellies in playable formats –Belts, Bites, and Tubes and in Lollipops segment, we pioneered the very popular Gum filled lollipop and dual coloured Mix-up pop.

As we launch the ‘Shape of Fun’ campaign for our latest innovation, we take pride in introducing these jellies, adding a dash of creativity to each moment. Our commitment to ‘Kabhi Na Ruke Fun’ is reflected in these quirky shapes, adding an element of surprise to the everyday. With every bite, we invite consumers to experience a playful twist, embracing non-stop fun.”

Commenting on conceptualizing the campaign, Shahrukh Irani, Executive creative Director, Ogilvy said, “Chupa Chups has always been about fun that never stops. And the launch of these three unique shapes, just added to it. The cat, feet and crawler shapes were so much fun that all we had to do was take a simple premise, and just let the shapes take over. Quite literally”

The brand-new offerings will be accessible across all general and modern trade outlets in the coming months and will be supported by digital and modern trade activations to further engage consumers.