Celebrate 76 Years of Freedom – Join us for the Braveheart Brunch on Independence Day at Conrad Pune

Celebrate 76 Years of Freedom

Celebrate the 76th Independence Day with utmost pride and reverence at Conrad Pune’s “Braveheart Brunch for Independence Day.” As the heart and soul of every hotel, we are committed to providing authentic, inspirational, and memorable experiences, and this event promises to be an extraordinary tribute to the valour and dedication of our Armed Forces.

Step into an immersive and authentic experience as we showcase the best of regimental cuisines, drawing inspiration from the recipes carefully garnered from the archives of the Indian Army. Each dish on the “Braveheart Brunch” menu pays homage to various regiments that have valiantly protected our borders, with each regiment having a unique history, function, and culture.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The meticulously crafted menu features an array of delectable dishes, including:

  1. Ladhaki Thukpa – A warm and comforting tribute to the brave Ladakh Regiment.
  2. Kanyakumari Fish Curry – A spicy and flavor-some nod to the valiant Madras Regiment.
  3. Aloo ke Gutke – A rustic and hearty celebration of the courageous Garhwal Regiment.
  4. Puran Poli – A sweet and delectable homage to the indomitable Maratha Regiment.

This exceptional culinary journey will be available not only at Conrad Pune but also simultaneously at all participating Hilton Hotels across India. On 15th August, join us for the “Braveheart Brunch for Independence Day” to revel in the flavors of courage, diversity, and unity.

To express our gratitude to the selfless service of our serving and retired veterans from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, we extend special offers for them to be a part of this meaningful celebration. Additionally, our outreach to the Defense Community aims to bring together those who have dedicated their lives to protect our nation.

Let us come together on this auspicious occasion of Independence Day and celebrate the spirit of freedom while paying tribute to the unyielding dedication of our Armed Forces. Conrad Pune and all participating Hilton Hotels across India eagerly awaits your presence at the “Braveheart Brunch for Independence Day.”

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