TransBnk Announces

India, 8th Aug 2023: Innovative fintech startup ‘TransBnk’ is excited to announce its ongoing expansion plans and hiring spree to meet growing market demands. Fueled by recent funding and promising growth opportunities, TransBnk is actively seeking talented individuals for key roles across various departments such as Cloud Manager, Quality Analyst, Product Manager and Finance professional, among others.

“With the largest chunk of our expenses attributed to manpower, we are strategically adding talent to our team in alignment with our growth plan. We’re actively seeking young, dynamic, passionate individuals who can match the pace of a startup and are willing to embrace challenges for exciting opportunities”, said Ms. Srishti Agarwal, CHRO, TransBnk. The company is particularly focused on hiring individuals in tech and product domains to expand its portfolio and bolstering its sales team to reach a wider customer base.

TransBnk being a tech-based startup places great emphasis on innovation and improving fintech technology. Hiring efforts are concentrated in departments like Product, Tech, Finance, Sales and Marketing, where fresh minds with innovative perspectives are sought to drive advancements. TransBnk takes pride in creating a positive and inclusive work environment where each team member plays a vital role in building the company’s success and has an influence in decision-making. The organization recognizes mistakes as opportunities for growth, encourages risk-taking and supports employees in their learning journey.

To attract top talent, TransBnk offers unique perks, including exposure to higher levels of responsibility, flexible work timings and comprehensive medical insurance coverage for employees and their families. While there are no immediate plans for in-person or virtual hiring events, TransBnk employs a robust hiring strategy through job portals and its website. Interested candidates can also contact

TransBnk values diversity and inclusion and the company strongly supports the women workforce, providing opportunities for mothers returning after childbirth and offering flexibility for managing personal and professional commitments. “We remain committed to hiring the best talent for top-class service and technology deployment, we also strongly believe in the extraordinary power of women workforce and their facilitation”, Ms. Srishti Agarwal, CHRO, TransBnk added. TransBnk envisions empowering smart individuals, nurturing a collaborative and innovative work environment. The current hiring spree and expansion plans mark an exciting phase for TransBnk and potential candidates looking to be part of this dynamic fintech startup.