Actor Ashmit Patel, who recently returned to the screens with his web series State v/s Ahuja, is very happy with his success. On International Women’s Day, he talked about how women have evolved in the entertainment industry, how he sees the changes, how he wants to empower women using his platform, and also shared a special message for women everywhere.

Talking about his views on how women are portrayed in Indian cinema nowadays, Ashmit revealed, “I think we’ve come a long way. When I was growing up, it was common to see heroes in movies slapping their heroines. Domestic violence was often portrayed as acceptable, which is shocking when you think about it. These heroes were still admired and respected, even though they acted this way. Thankfully, things have changed, and it’s not acceptable anymore. However, there’s still a long way to go. Women are often objectified, especially in certain types of songs and scenes in movies. I believe we should avoid these kinds of portrayals. While these songs and scenes may have a role, actors should choose not to portray them. If a male actor’s role is to show that life can be tough and that there are consequences for his actions, that’s different. But if these actions are glorified and people try to copy them, that’s wrong. Male actors should think twice before taking on these roles. I also think actresses have a role to play. They should avoid playing weak, shallow roles. Everyone in the industry has a responsibility to portray women and men respectfully and responsibly.

He further added, “I believe that with OTT platforms, we’re seeing more diversity and gender equality in our movies and shows, which is fantastic. There’s a lot more representation now, especially in OTT shows. It’s great to be part of this progress, even though there’s still more work to be done.”

Sharing his plans to empower women, Ashmit expressed, “I can support women by accepting strong scripts for women-oriented films. If I feel that my character has an important role to play, I wouldn’t hesitate to take on the role, even if it means playing second fiddle to the heroine. I believe in promoting more representation for women in filmmaking, not just as actors but also as directors, cinematographers and writers. It’s important to create opportunities for women in all aspects of filmmaking.”

Sending out a special message to all women, Ashmit conveyed, “Look within yourself. You don’t have to search far. Look at your sister, your daughters, your children, and just think about how you would want them to be treated. Treat everyone around you, whether it’s someone else’s wife, mother, daughter, or sister, with respect. Respect every human being, not just women, but everyone and every living creature, including animals. Everyone has equal rights on this planet, just like you and me. So let’s treat them all with respect and love. I believe love and respect can go a long way and can solve any problem in the world.

On the work front, Ashmit Patel has recently seen back-to-back releases. In “State v/s Ahuja,” he played a Bollywood actor facing rape accusations, and in “Scammy Boys,” he portrayed a police officer. “State v/s Ahuja” can be streamed on Watcho Exclusives, while “Scammy Boys,” directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, is accessible on Zee5.