Live music, artistic expression, and a celebration of your favourite characters await. Zee Café’s Anime Fan Fest is coming to Bengaluru on March 23rd-24th, offering a celebration of all thing’s anime with activities for both hardcore fans and newcomers. Expect a cosplay competition, workshops, Japanese cuisine, a live band, and more! Here are 5 awesome things you can do at the festival:

  • Rock Out with Daisuki, India’s First Cosplay Band: Get ready for a unique musical experience! Daisuki brings your favourite anime characters to life on stage, performing music guaranteed to make your heart go “doki-doki” (excitedly thumping).
  • Witness Hip-Hop Royalty: Catch the electrifying performances of Sachin Suri and Tiger Chandan, two underground Kannada hip-hop artists who share a deep love for anime, especially “One Piece.” Their energetic verses and unique styles will leave you wanting more.
  • Get Grooving with 7Bantaiz: This multilingual hip-hop crew from Mumbai is a force to be reckoned with. With seven talented artists, including rappers who can switch between five languages and a phenomenal beatboxer, 7Bantaiz will bring the energy and hype to the festival.
  • Embrace Your Fandom with Caricature Art: Take home a unique memento of the festival! Skilled caricature artists will be on hand to capture your likeness with an exaggerated, anime-inspired twist. This is your chance to get a hilarious and personalized portrait that celebrates your love for anime.
  • Transform Yourself with Face Painting: Want to become your favorite anime character? Look no further than the face painting booth! Talented artists will use their skills to bring your chosen anime character to life on your face. Whether you want a subtle nod to your favorite series or a full-on transformation, the face painters will have you covered.
  • Dive into Diversity: Anime Fan Fest in Bangalore isn’t just about anime. Experience a range of activities like merch shopping, origami, savouring Japanese cuisine, and snagging giveaways. So, get ready to experience a multifaceted event where every corner holds a new adventure.