Bengaluru, 22nd March 2024: In a world where innovation, perseverance, and excellence define the corporate landscape, Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS) stand as the beacon of acknowledgment for those who have not only weathered the storms but have soared to unparalleled heights. Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS) in association with HR Success Talk and National Human Resource Welfare Association (NHRWA) Trust today organized a one-day Success Symposium – AURA 2024 to showcase business plan ideas presented by graduating students of ABBS to top industry business & category leaders. It marked a culmination of a landmark first-of-its-kind, which recognized the ever-growing contribution back to the talent community, and in the providence of key business insights or intelligence critical to high performance yields for emerging talent.


 The event, held at The Capitol Hotel in Bengaluru, gathered more than 150+ luminaries, professionals, industry stalwarts and senior business professionals encompassing the functions of HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility, for a day of profound discussions, knowledge exchange, and commendation of exceptional accomplishments.

 The ambitious students participated in “Start-Up Genesis Award” in intra-college competition to present their B-Plan on AURA-2024, 5 teams were mentored by the industry leaders made their final presentation on the B-Plan pitching, and the audience voted out the best team – Dark Capital (Nidhi Siddhapura and Team).

 AURA-2024 has been created with a focus to drive it as a student-industry engagement platform to showcase the invaluable insights and knowledge sharing done by the top industry leaders. The platform also focused on building relationships with the industry leaders to understand the challenges faced by the corporates in terms of finding the right skill force, the industry need, the gap between the industry & institute and finding the ways to bridge the gap.

 AURA 2024 was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Brig. Arun Dravid – Indian Army Veteran Entrepreneur and Training & Development Expert, Mr. Mahipal Nayar, MD-CHRO, Trelix India and was graced by Mr.Nakul Basani – Executive Director Operations, ABBS, Dr.H R Venkatesha- Director MBA, Dr.Madhumitha Chatterji – Director PGDM, Mr.Bijoy Das – Head- Corporate Relations & Placements, Mr. Govind Negi – Founder, HRST & Mr. Narasimha M V Founder, NHRWA.

 Delivering the keynote address Mr. Mahipal Nayar, MD-CHRO, Trelix India said, “In today’s fast-paced world, the timeless truth remains: there are no shortcuts to success. While many seek rapid growth and prosperity, it’s vital to understand that success is not just a destination but a deeply personal journey. Along this journey, marked by hard work and perseverance, we discover invaluable lessons that shape our understanding of success. Embracing this journey, rather than fixating solely on the end goal, is the true path to fulfillment and lasting achievement.”

 Chief Guest Brig. Arun Dravid, Indian Army Veteran Entrepreneur and Training & Development Expert quoted by addressing the crowd “Success isn’t just about reaching the summit; it’s found in the journey’s challenges, lessons learned, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve pushed beyond your limits. Much like in the army, it’s about resilience, strategic planning, and the courage to face adversity head-on.”

 Speaking on the occasion, Sankarasubramanian R, Executive Director (Radar) & Unit Head, Bharat Electronic Ltd (winner of Achievement and unrevealed recognition Award at Aura 2024) said that, “During times of national significance, individuals unite as one, transcending personal boundaries to make tough decisions crucial for progress, even amidst opposition. Despite the myriad challenges faced in our professional endeavours, it is our steadfast determination that drives us forward. True fulfillment in our careers is found in witnessing the tangible results of our labour. Let’s consistently inspire ourselves and those around us, serving as guiding lights illuminating the path to success”

 The other prominent speakers at the convention included Mr. Govind Negi, Founder, HR SUCCESS TALK, Mr. Rishikesh G, Founder & CEO, HILFEE, and Mr. Narasimha MV, Founder, National Human Resource Welfare Association (NHRWA) amongst others.

 “We are thrilled to witness a massive success of AURA which aimed to celebrate the achievements of top professionals who are inspiring and shaping the future of the industry. Many college graduates, due to their current education system, often possess limited knowledge about industry requirements. To bridge this gap, fostering industry-applicable knowledge through campus outreach programmes andguest lectures from industry leaders are key. The success of any organisation still depends on the teamwork. It is not merely about individual contributions but it’s a collective effort of a group that propels an organisation toward success. Regardless of the industry or sector, the synergy within a team is the driving force behind achievements.” echoed the sentiment, shared, Mr. Venkat Nakul Dev Reddy Basani, Executive Director-Operations, Acharya Bangalore B-School.

 AURA 2024 evaluated the image of brand India and its evolution over the years, by being game changer not only for the institute but also for the industry, served as a platform to honor the remarkable contributions and accomplishments of individuals from the industries from various functions in one common platform to appreciate and honor them for their invaluable contribution towards the growth of the industry and the nation in their respective domains.