Gurugram: Today is World Disability Day and let us know about some players whose story has been quite challenging, yet they have won medals for the country and have brought glory to their country. Haryana state has always been the leading state in the country in the field of sports and this state has produced the greatest players in various sports. But there are some players who, despite having the skills, are unable to progress and are left behind due to lack of money or other support. But Gurugram’s M3M Group philanthropic arm M3M Foundation, by selecting such talented and needy players and providing them scholarships, not only improves their future but is also making an important contribution in helping them leave their mark in the field of sports at the global level.

Let us know about some such players who have brought glory to India across the world by winning gold and silver medals in the recent Asian Games 2023 held in China. And currently there are a total of 9 disabled players whom the M3M Foundation is supporting through scholarships.


Pranav of Faridabad suffered spinal cord injury, but did not let his courage fall and won gold medal in Asian Para Games 2023.

In the Asian Para Games 2023, Pranav Soorma of Faridabad has made Haryana famous across the world by winning the gold medal in the Asian Para Games with a throw of 30.01 meters in the men’s club throw F51 event. Let it be known that Pranav Soorma is a Lakshya Scholar of M3M Foundation, a famous social organization of Gurugram city. It is noteworthy that when Pranav Soorma was 16 years old, he met with an accident. Due to the accident, his spinal cord was injured and he became paralyzed. Pranav decided to participate in sports in 2018. He is now a professional sportsman. M3M Foundation provided every possible help to support them and today Pranav himself says that the way M3M Foundation helped him in this journey is commendable. He has won the silver medal in the Beijing Grand Prix World Para Athletics in 2019, while now Pranav has won the gold medal in the Para Asia Games.

Sakshi from Ghaziabad became unable to walk after suffering a ‘spine injury’ and was confined to a wheel chair, despite this she achieved bronze in the Asian Para Games 2023.

Sakshi Kasana,

Sakshi Kasana, another scholar of M3M Foundation, won the bronze medal in the Discus Throw F-54/F55 event at the Asian Para Games 2023. M3M Foundation has awarded scholarship to Sakshi Kasana. Sakshi Kasana is a resident of Uttar Pradesh, Sharifabad Rajpur, Aslatpur Farakh Nagar, Ghaziabad and is a para athlete of F55 category. Sakshi tells that in the year 2017, a road accident changed her life. She suffered a ‘spine injury’ in this accident, after which she became unable to walk and was on a wheel chair. After leaving his BDS studies midway, he graduated from the ‘School of Open Learning’ of Delhi University. While pursuing her post-graduation, Sakshi got involved in para sports. Sakshi participated in the para sports competition at the national level in 2021. Sakshi has won silver medal in discus throw, silver medal in shot put and gold medal in discus throw in Italy Grand Prix competition.

Tauru's Pooja

Tauru’s Pooja suffered spinal cord injury due to falling in a well in her childhood. Despite this, she did not let her disability dominate her and won the silver medal in the Asian Para Games 2023.

M3M Foundation scholar Pooja won the silver medal in the Discus Throw F-54/F55 event at the Asian Para Games 2023. Pooja is a Lakshya Scholar of M3M Foundation. M3M Foundation has provided scholarship to Pooja. Silver medal winner Pooja is a resident of Tauru and is the daughter of a farmer family. She suffered a spinal injury due to falling into a well in his childhood, yet he did not let his disability dominate her. 35 year old Pooja Yadav won the bronze medal in javelin throw with her best performance in the World Para-Athletics Championship held in Paris in the month of July this year and not only this, she won silver and silver in javelin in the fifth Indian Open National Para International Championship held in Bangalore this year. Won gold medal in discus throw.


Saraswati: 15-year-old Saraswati of Padheni village, Tauru Block, Nuh District, who is intellectually challenged, hit the headlines by winning the gold medal for the country in the 500-meter roller skating at the Special Olympics World Games held this year in June at Berlin, Germany. Such ‘Lakshya’ scholars of M3M Foundation have always made India proud.

On the occasion of World Disability Day Dr. Payal Kanodia, Chairman and Trustee of M3M Foundation, congratulated all the players for bringing medals and said that the Foundation gives scholarships to encourage students and players. The Foundation has given full support to all these players. We are extremely proud that our players are making India proud at the global level. The objective of the foundation is to encourage emerging talent in the field of sports. The foundation finds and helps players from across the country. The Foundation will continue to help the players in future too.