New Delhi: 10 Oct 2023: Located in Jamia Nagar-Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, Sunrise Multispecialty Hospital has emerged as a prominent healthcare provider for economically backward individuals. The hospital specializes in Gynecology, Dermatology, and Aesthetics services, providing high-quality medical care at affordable rates. Additionally, it also regularly organizes health camps to ensure healthcare accessibility for all.

The services offered here are primarily focused on women’s health, and the hospital is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare for their well-being. Mr. Mujeeb Alam Saifi, Co-founder of the Skin and Aesthetic Center at Sunrise Multispecialty Hospital, states, “Sunrise Multispecialty Hospital proved that quality healthcare can reach to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. Aim of the hospital is to prioritize healthcare access for all, enabling people to lead healthy and balanced lives. To achieve this, hospital also organize health camps periodically.”


He further stated, “The hospital’s Gynecology department offers extensive healthcare services for women of all ages, with a team of experienced specialists providing maternity services, surgery, and expertise in reproductive health.” Mr. Gaurav Trehan, from the hospital’s Financial and Management Department, said, “We aim to improve the health of our community, especially those with limited financial resources. Success in this endeavor can lead to a more better and healthy country.”

Located at J-51/52, Kalindi Kunj Road, Jasola in New Delhi, Sunrise Multispecialty Hospital prioritizes healthcare services for residents of Delhi and its surrounding areas. The hospital’s mission is to ensure that quality healthcare remains accessible to all. The hospital also have Skin and Aesthetic Department where a team of specialized doctors provides a range of cosmetic procedures, including dermatology and aesthetics.

Sunrise Multispecialty Hospital offers emergency and ambulance services, general medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, ENT, gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology, radiology, and various diagnostic services. Furthermore, the hospital includes dialysis, ICU, NICU, private, and general wards, ensuring patients receive comfortable and secure care. Sunrise Multispecialty Hospital is dedicated to fulfilling the healthcare needs of the community and has risen as a leading healthcare provider for economically backward individuals, with a particular focus on women’s health, dermatology, and aesthetics services.