Successful Surgical

Guwahati: Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ashish Gupta, Senior Director of Neuro Surgery & Spine Surgery, and his medical team at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, Delhi, successfully performed a complex minimal invasive spine surgery on Mr. Raben, a 55-year-old male patient from Guwahati. Mr. Raben was admitted with severe neck pain and radicular pain extending into his left upper limb and weakness of hand significantly affecting his quality of life.

Upon admission, Mr. Raben underwent a comprehensive MRI scan of his cervical spine, which revealed several critical issues at the C6-C7 level-Posterior Intervertebral Disc (PIVD), where the disc situated between the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae had displaced backward. In Mr. Raben’s case, the stenosis at the C6-C7 level was causing compression of the nerve roots exiting at C6 and C7.

Additionally, he exhibited considerable weakness in his right upper limb, indicating that the nerve compression was also affecting his motor functions. This combination of severe pain, nerve compression, and motor weakness necessitated immediate surgical intervention to prevent further deterioration of his condition and to alleviate his symptoms.

The surgical procedure, led by Dr. Ashish Gupta, was immediately executed. This complex operation involved a microdiscectomy (removal of the herniated disc), decompression (relieving pressure on the nerves), neurolysis (freeing the nerves from surrounding tissue), and spinal fusion (using an implant to stabilize the spine). The successful execution of this surgery has resulted in a significant improvement in Mr. Raben’s condition, leading to his early discharge and full recovery.

Mr. Raben was discharged following the successful operation and has made a full recovery. Dr. Gupta expressed satisfaction with the outcome and commended his team for their exceptional performance and dedication to patient care.

“Ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients is our top priority. Mr. Raben’s case was particularly challenging, but our team’s expertise and the advanced surgical techniques we employed have led to a positive result. We wish Mr. Raben a swift and complete recovery,” said Dr. Ashish Gupta.