Hyderabad,19th June 2024: Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited (Star Health Insurance), India’s largest retail health insurance company, launches AI-driven Star Health Face Scan, an innovative Artificial Intelligence tool designed for remote health assessment, set to revolutionize health monitoring. This face scan performs a comprehensive health check-up in under a minute, providing valuable real-time insights on 18 vital health parameters at the individual’s convenience.

Commenting on the launch of Star Health Face Scan, Anand Roy, MD & CEO, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. said, “The Star Health Face Scan tool not only exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation but also represents a significant step towards the future of digital health assessments. This initiative is expected to increase customer engagement, improve health management and reinforce Star Health’s position as a pioneer in the health insurance sector. The company will continue expanding its technological capabilities to provide even more advanced and user-friendly solutions for its customers.”

With the face scan feature, individuals can effortlessly track vital parameters such as blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, hemoglobin levels, and stress levels. Powered by cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, the tool analyses the face to deliver instant health assessments. Early detection of health issues can lead to timely medical interventions. The tool adds value to the insurance services by integrating health monitoring with insurance coverage. This advancement reflects Star Health’s commitment to making health monitoring more accessible and convenient for Bharat. Upcoming enhancements include the capability of assessing blood glucose and cholesterol.

The face scan feature will provide users with credible information to swiftly assess health status with a simple scan, thereby enabling them to take proactive steps towards better health. The app also offers additional features including a steps tracker, water intake tracker, calorie tracker, Health Risk Assessment (HRA), and health & wellness blogs.

Face Scan is one of the many technological innovations that the Company has introduced to improve customer experience. The company is heavily investing in technology to create manifold impact in various business areas. Some key technological advancements at Star Health Insurance in the last 1 year have been 1) Risk models to enable predictive capability through high-level data analytics, which can drive personalized pricing, early fraud detection, and a profound understanding of individual risk profiles. 2) digitized claims documentation and tariffs to speed up the process and reduce the margin of error, which aligns with IRDAI’s recent circular to provide faster claims settlement. 3) NHCX Integration with the company’s custom-built stack, which will increase efficiency and transparency in customer claims settlement.