Mumbai, 9th May 2024: In a landmark move for Indian healthcare, the introduction of Second Opinion Online Consultation for Children (SOCC) represents a major step forward in revolutionising the way parents seek expert advice for their children’s well-being. Spearheaded by a team of distinguished paediatric specialists, this cutting-edge platform utilises technology to bridge the gap in paediatric healthcare services, ensuring that parents have easy access to top-notch second medical guidance for their children, digitally.

The close-knit launch event was graced by the presence of renowned celebrities Soha Ali Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, and Neha Dhupia. Additionally, enterprising visionary Vinti, and DrZirak Marker, the renowned child and adult psychiatrist and psychotherapist, attended the event underscoring the significance and impact of SOCC in the realm of paediatric healthcare.

Addressing the audience, DrNihar Parekh, a distinguished Paediatrician and Lead doctor at SOCC, emphasised the importance of second opinions and the expanding role of digital healthcare. “In today’s digital age, advancements in technology allow us to extend our reach and provide exceptional care to a wider range of patients,” he states. “Second opinions offer peace of mind and can be instrumental in ensuring the best possible outcomes for children.” DrNihar has also long been associated with the founding of Cheers Child Care Clinic, a speciality child-care clinic established in 2008.

SOCC places a strong emphasis on building trust and ensuring that parents feel comfortable throughout their journey. The fee structure is designed to accommodate varying needs. Parents have the option of choosing a one-time consultation or subscriptions to seek video consultations with a dedicated team of paediatric and para-paediatric specialists. For parents seeking ongoing care and a consistent relationship, SOCC offers convenient three-month and one-year packages. These packages not only provide cost-effective solutions but also foster a strong sense of trust between parents and medical professionals. With prior appointments and cross-referencing available as needed, parents have the flexibility to engage with the SOCC team regularly.

Dr. Parekh states that ‘’I believe access to a wide range of expertise and information can make a significant difference. Technology allows for valuable second opinions, potentially leading to improved outcomes for countless children. Empowering parents to be active participants in their child’s care can lead to earlier detection of potential issues and better overall health management. This focus on comprehensive healthcare is essential, and with us, you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands.’’

SOCC empowers parents to seek second opinions from a curated panel of over 20 renowned specialists, representing diverse paediatric subspecialties. Through video consultations, parents can connect with these experts for tailored solutions and valuable insights into their child’s health.

SOCC’s other lauded specialists include:
Ms. AlifiaBharmal, Speech and Language Specialist.
Dr Harsh Vyas, Paediatric Dentist
DrPreetiGagan, Lactation Consultant
Dr Deepak Garg, Paediatric Eye Specialist
DrShreepal Jain, Paediatric Cardiologist
Dr Vicky S Khattar, ENT Consultant
Dr Amish Udani, Paediatric Nephrologist
DrMandarAgashe, PaediatricOrthopaedic Surgeon
MsVidhi Shah, Child Nutritionist
DrNisreenShabbir,Paediatric Homoeopath
Dr Preeti K. Sheth, Paediatric Dermatologist
DrJuiMandke, Paediatric Surgeon
MrsAartiNandu, Clinical Psychologist
Dr Manini Shah, Paediatric Dentist
DrVibhorBorkar, Paediatric Gastroenterologist
Dr Shweta Bansal, a PaediatricHaematologist
DrRuchi Parikh, Paediatric and Adolescent Endocrine Specialist
Dr IravatiPurandare, Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician
Mrs Dimple Parekh-Safi, Remedial Educator, and Counselling Psychologist

SOCC has proven to be an exceptional asset for parents regardless of where they live. By bringing together a group of paediatric specialists from diverse backgrounds, SOCC is dedicated to offering parents top-notch medical guidance and a sense of comfort.