Hemato Oncologist

Hyderabad, 1st January 2024 Dr. Nalini Pati, an esteemed Adult and Pediatric Hemato Oncologist and Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Specialist from Canberra, Australia is well connected with TSCS since more than 2 decades & visits very often. He has recently visited the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society in Hyderabad. The visit encompassed a significant presentation focused on the “Management, Awareness, and Prevention of Thalassemia and Sickle Cell” diseases.

During his visit, Dr. Nalini Kant Pati engaged with Board members of the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society, providing invaluable insights and strategies for the effective management and prevention of these conditions. His expertise and dedication to advancing treatment methodologies were evident in the comprehensive presentation, which emphasized both the medical intricacies and the importance of public awareness in combating these genetic disorders.

Expressing his gratitude for Dr. Nalini Pati’s visit, Dr. Chandrakant Agarwal, President of the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society, shared, “We are honoured to have Dr. Nalini Pati amongst us. His dedication to the field and his commitment to improving the lives of individuals affected by Thalassemia and Sickle Cell diseases are commendable. His insights will undoubtedly guide us in our ongoing efforts towards better management and prevention strategies.”

Dr. Nalini Pati, whose expertise in haematology and oncology is widely recognized, also shared his thoughts on the visit, stating, “It was a privilege to engage with the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society in Hyderabad. Collaborative efforts between medical professionals and societies are pivotal in elevating awareness and advancing treatment modalities. I’m hopeful that our discussions will contribute to a more comprehensive approach in managing these conditions.”

Dr. Nalini Pati’s visit has significantly enriched the knowledge base of the Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society, empowering them to further their mission of creating awareness and providing enhanced care for individuals affected by these genetic disorders.