New Covestro medical

Overmolding polycarbonate with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is commonly used to produce respiratory masks and other medical devices requiring molded-in seals. Now, Covestro, a leading producer of advanced polymers and high-performance plastics has developed Apec® 2045 – a copolycarbonate with the highest heat resistance – enabling molders and medical OEMs to significantly slash production time and cost, without sacrificing quality, performance or appearance.

“We work closely with our healthcare customers and recognized that we could offer a polycarbonate made for highest curing temperatures in silicone over-molding, helping them more than double production volumes in the same amount of time due to shorter cycle times,” said Pierre Moulinie, Global Healthcare Technology Lead, Covestro LLC.

“Our experts provide support every step of the way,” he continued, “helping our customers calculate possible savings when switching to this new high-heat Apec® copolycarbonate grade – for example, simulating material performance in specific applications and calculating cost benefits with our LSR calculator tool.”

In addition to offering high heat resistance and high productivity, Apec® 2045 copolycarbonate offers other important benefits for this market. These include:

  • Durability: Tough engineering plastic with the highest heat resistance in the medical polycarbonate portfolio
    Transparency: Produces transparent parts with high optical clarity
  • Biocompatibility: Biocompatibility testing according to ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI for contact of 30 days or less
  • Sterilizability: Supports sterilization methods most prevalent in the healthcare industry, including irradiation, autoclave and hot air
  • Processability: Consistent and efficient processing

Furthermore, using this new material may contribute to customer sustainability goals, as it can enable circular business models by supporting close- and open-loop recycling, as well as the possibility of attributed bio-circular content.

Attendees at MD&M West, February 6-8 in Anaheim, California, can visit the Covestro booth (#2221) to learn how the company’s materials push boundaries in healthcare applications.

Polycarbonates from Covestro are found in some of modern technology’s most essential medical devices and play a major role in developing next-generation, life-saving technology. Used in applications where strength, clarity and toughness are necessary, polycarbonates from Covestro exemplify the innovation, safety and biocompatibility that healthcare and life sciences designers and manufacturers across the world have come to know and trust. To learn more about how your company can use Covestro’s material expertise to enhance your medical and healthcare manufacturing, visit our Solution Center.