Chennai, 1st June 2024 : MGM Cancer Institute, a leading cancer care facility in Chennai, has announced the successful completion of a critical surgical procedure to remove a 30cm cancerous tumor from a 30-year-old patient from West Bengal. The surgery was performed by the RECNAC team at MGM Cancer Institute, including Dr. Balaji Ramani, Dr. Sivakumar Mahalingam, Dr. Sivaram Ganeshmoni, and Dr. Dhanasekar Padmanabhan, Surgical Oncologists at the institute.

The patient was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare cancer that typically affects the bones and surrounding soft tissues, most commonly found in children and young adults. Previously, the patient had undergone two tumor removal surgeries and two cycles of chemotherapy at a private hospital in Kolkata, but the tumor recurred, growing into a massive fungating mass that compressed his shoulder and arm.

Facing a recommendation for tumor excision and left limb amputation from his previous doctors, Mr. Subhan Ray (Named Changed) sought a second opinion at MGM Cancer Institute as a last resort. The RECNAC team at MGM Cancer Institute examined the patient, analyzed the tumor using complex 3D reconstruction imaging and then decided to undertake the challenging task of removing the tumor without causing harm to the arm. Along with the patient’s weakened condition and low hemoglobin levels, further evaluation revealed that the tumor was very close to essential vessels and nerves offering only a slim chance to save the limb.

With the assistance of Dr. Sabari Girish, Lead Plastic Surgeon at MGM Cancer Institute, the RECNAC team successfully resected the tumor completely, preserving the patient’s left arm using flap reconstruction technique.

Dr. Balaji Ramani, Senior Consultant in Surgical Oncology at MGM Cancer Institute, commented on the complexity of the surgery: “This is a rare case. Despite undergoing two previous tumor removal surgeries and chemotherapy, the tumor continued to grow, bleed, and became a large fungating mass. The patient could no longer undergo chemotherapy sessions. Believing limb removal was the only option, the patient and his family had lost hope. We advised one last surgery to remove the tumor before it could affect the bones. We meticulously planned the surgery using advanced 3D imaging techniques, and were able to completely remove the tumor without amputating the limb.”

Expressing his gratitude, the patient said, “I am incredibly thankful to the entire team at MGM Cancer Institute. Their expertise and compassion have given me a new lease on life. I am optimistic about my recovery and look forward to resuming my usual activities.”

This case underscores the importance of early detection and the availability of advanced medical treatment options for rare cancers like Ewing Sarcoma. MGM Cancer Institute, part of MGM Healthcare, remains committed to advancing cancer treatment through innovative approaches and a patient-centered focus.