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Bengaluru 23 November 2023- With 47 years behind them Gunasheela has created miracles for birth. The torchbearers of IVF in Bengaluru have a track record of handling over 100,000 pregnancies with 74% success rate in IVF supported by over 20 fertility experts. Here is an invitation for “wanting mothers” to be part of the camp which is scheduled at their Basavana Gudi centre all day long on Saturday 25 th November 2023. Now those struggling to conceive and have lost hope can come & rediscover at Gunasheela. Just register & stand to gain comprehensive diagnostic package worth Rs 3000/ absolutely free along with 50% waiver on semen analysis. Call on 46462600 or 26673588 now.

Gunasheela boasts of:

1) Only Centre with End To End Solution For Fertility Treatment
2) Basic To Most Advanced Technologies In The World – All Under One Roof
3) Includes An In-House Exclusive Fertility Genetics Department

At Gunasheela IVF, we have been creating miracles of birth for the past 47 years. The journey so far:

1) 1982 – 1st to introduce Obstetric & Gynaecology Ultrasound in the state of Karnataka.
2) 1982 – 1st to introduce the skill of Hysteroscopy to the state of Karnataka.
3) 1988 – 1st ART baby in South India born on December 5th 1988.
4) 2003 – 1st to publish from India 3 international articles back to back on human blastocyst hatching and critical evaluation.
5) 2003 – 1st In-Vitro Maturation baby in India.
6) 2011 – 5th Baby in the world by Vitrication of IVM oocytes.
7) 2012 – 1st Embryo Scope babies (twins) in South India.
8) 2016 – 1st Pregnancy with in-house NGS based PGS tested on frozen thawed embryos in a 24 hour run.

Our Affordable IVF Treatments

  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
  • IVF Treatment
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • High Risk Pregnancy