Hyderabad’s senior anesthesiologist at the L V Prasad Eye Institute, Dr Raja Narsing Rao elected as President of the World Congress of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia

L V Prasad Eye
Hyderabads senior anesthesiologist at the L V Prasad Eye Institute_ Dr Raja Narisgh Rao(seated 2nd from left) elected as Global President of the World Congress of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia

Hyderabad, May 01, 2024…..Dr Raja Narsing Rao, the city’s Senior Consultant Anaesthesiologist and the President of the Indian Association of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists (IAPA), Telangana State is elected as President of the World Congress of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia at a just-concluded WCOA – World Congress of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia at São Paulo in Brazil.

WCOA – World Congress of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia was an international event that brought together experts in Ophthalmic Anesthesia from around the world to share knowledge, experiences and advances in the area. This year’s event was the largest anesthesiology congress in Latin America. It was organized by the São Paulo State Society of Anesthesiology (SAESP) and offered a high-level scientific program, with national and international speakers, workshops, case discussions, social activities and much more. Dr Raja Narsingh Rao one of the four Indian Doctors invited to speak.

SAESP on behalf of WOCA has invited experienced senior Ophthalmic anesthesiologists from all over the world. WCOA is held every four years and is aimed to promote research, collaboration and experience sharing among physicians, anesthesiologists and surgeons involved in adult and pediatric ophthalmology care. They have invited four eminent Anesthesiologists with extensive clinical and research work in the field of ophthalmic anaesthesia this year from India. They include Dr Raja Narsing Rao, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad; Dr Jaichandran, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai; Dr Renu Sinha, AIMS, Delhi and Dr Indu Sen, PGI, Chandigarh.

Dr Raja Narsing Rao is a senior anesthesiologist at the prestigious L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India. He is passionate about ophthalmic and pediatric anaesthesia and has done extensive work in the past. He is also an academician with experience in being instrumental in conducting anaesthesia conferences and postgraduate teaching programs. He is currently also elected president of IAPA- Indian Association of Pediatric Anaesthesia, Telangana state. At the WOCA conference in San Brazil he has been invited to share his vast knowledge on two topics namely pediatric anaesthesia for patients with syndromes and Intratracheal Intubation, laryngeal masks, brain stem reflexes and brain stem anaesthesia

World Congress Ophthalmic anaesthesia members Dr Tom Eke, Dr Chandra DR.Oya and Dr Fredrick have proposed the newly elected president Dr Raja Narsing Rao to conduct the next WCOA conference at Hyderabad in the year 2028. The proposal has been accepted.