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New Delhi, 15th September 2023: Eye-Q, the leading hospital eye care chain, has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in eye care delivery with the unveiling of the cutting-edge ELITA SILK Procedure, a technology by Johnson and Johnson, at its flagship eye-care facility. The inauguration ceremony took place on Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospital, Gurgaon on 14th September 2023 in presence of a distinguished gathering of industry leaders, esteemed guests, and healthcare professionals.

The introduction of the ELITA SILK Procedure marks a major milestone in the field of ophthalmology, offering the revolutionary “No Flap Procedure” with a micro-incision of a mere 2mm. This advanced technology is specifically tailored for individuals with high power prescriptions, aiming to free the 18-35 age group from the reliance on eyeglasses. One of the striking advantages of SILK technology is the swiftness of recovery it offers. While traditional LASIK procedures require approximately one week for a full recovery, SILK technology ensures a remarkably swift recuperation, with just one day being sufficient. This not only makes the process safer but also significantly reduces downtime for patients.

Commending the Eye-Q team for their remarkable efforts in advancing ophthalmological treatments, the machine was inaugurated by esteemed Dr Kapil Arneja, Deputy Director- LASIK and Refractive Services alongside the gracious presence of top leaders. The event also saw the participation from the notable members of the Eye-Q team, including Eye-Q Faculty and Doctor’s Team

“My vision for Eye-Q has always been to pioneer transformative advancements in eye care. To be among the first in India to introduce the ELITA SILK Procedure is a testament to this vision. This installation is not just a milestone; it’s a leap forward in revolutionizing how we provide eye care in India. With SILK technology, we aim to empower individuals to break free from the constraints of spectacles faster and safer than ever before. But beyond this facility, our journey continues. We are committed to expanding the reach of SILK technology, making world-class eye care accessible to more regions across the country. This is our promise, and this is our legacy in the making.” stated Dr. Ajay Sharma, Founder and CMD of Eye-Q.

Dr Kapil Arneja, Deputy Director- LASIK and Refractive Services, of Eye-Q’s, Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospital, Gurgaon Facility stated, “Being a part of this Facility during the introduction of the ELITA SILK Procedure is a moment of immense pride. This groundbreaking technology redefines the landscape of eye care, offering a rapid and secure solution for those with high-power prescriptions. It underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field. With SILK, we are not just changing vision; we are elevating lives, enabling individuals to break free from the constraints of glasses, and embracing the world with newfound clarity.”

With unwavering commitment and dedication, further reaffirming their commitment to enhancing the lives of countless individuals. Looking ahead, Eye-Q envisions expanding the reach of SILK technology to cater to more regions. In the near future, Eye-Q is planning to launch the ELITA SILK Procedure at the Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospital facility, ensuring that more individuals across the country can benefit from this remarkable advancement in eye care.