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Dementia is a complex neurological condition often accompanied by psychiatric symptoms and behavioral challenges. It is often difficult to diagnose especially in the early stages and leaves caregivers feeling exhausted and confused. Dementia is progressive in nature and as of now, there is no treatment available for it. But all is not lost with a dementia diagnosis. Good management and a great supportive environment can help preserve the quality of life to a great extent. Early diagnosis and intervention has a critical role to play in the prognosis of the condition.

Epoch Elder Care has more than 10 years of relevant experience in India, and is helmed by Neha Sinha, a dementia specialist & clinical psychologist, she is also trained in palliative care philosophy. They have 3 facilities, and they have started a new Dementia Day Care program center in Pune Kharadi.

On this launch, Neha Sinha co-founder and CEO shared her thoughts, “My grandmother was detected with Alzheimer’s that had an indelible impact on me and my family. Managing elders with dementia and maintaining their quality of life requires never ending patience, skill set and deep understanding about the condition. A day care centre is a good start to seek help and add structure and intervention to prevent fast deterioration in dementia. My goal is to lessen the stigma associated with dementia for elders. I request one must reach out for professional care for their parents for conditions such as dementia, since a lot can be done with early intervention. Further she said,” dementia care can be very philosophy based. There are several approaches practiced globally At Epoch, we have specialized dementia care program for elders suffering from dementia of any type and across all stages.”

Epoch Dementia Day Care Program approach

Epoch Dementia Day Care Program focuses on emotional well-being. It is a stimulating and supportive home-like environment for the elderly living with dementia, wherein they can freely engage in planned activities with their peers and receive nurturing care.

● Holistic, person centered care

● Structured, yet freely adaptive day-plan

● Meaningful activities (cognitive/ motor/sensory/physical)

● Evidence-based engagements (e.g. music, art, dance, doll therapies)

● Social interactions and celebrations

● Assistance in meals

Benefits of this program:

● Promotes maximum level of independence

● Normalizes and preserves the quality of life, as much as possible

● Delays further stage progression

● Restores, maintains the individual to the highest possible level of functioning

● Enhances cognitive stimulation

● Managing behavioral challenges

Founded in 2012, Epoch Elder Care provides premium care homes for elders with specialized needs, focused on conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, COPD etc. Epoch understands each resident living with dementia at a personal level. Caring for someone with dementia can often be a challenge. Simple tasks such as giving a shower or eating a meal become particularly difficult. Our team uses evidence-based methods to care for residents living with dementia to ensure they receive the highest quality of care in the most comfortable manner.

Some residents’ experiences:

“Our father has been under Epoch’s care since 2014. The attention to medical / physical well-being as well as the sophisticated, caring approach to managing dementia that Epoch has provided is truly excellent, and way beyond anything else in India. While they operate professionally, it’s with a warmth and flexibility that helps families like ours cope with the difficulties of this situation.”

Daughter of an Epoch resident.

One NRI Son from Australia expresses his gratitude towards Epoch for his father who was a person with dementia, ‘Our father was a successful, well-respected entrepreneur and a fiercely independent person. Since my brother and I reside in Australia, we explored many facilities and options. And then we found Epoch! It took only a couple of interactions with Neha and her team and a brief visit of the facilities, to be reassured that we had found the perfect elder care home and environment for our father.”

Gratitude, integrity, and a strong sense of responsibility for the elderly is what ignites Epoch’s team towards greater heights.