11th March 2024: Pranaam Hospital, one of the leading medical care institutions in Hyderabad is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with MedLern, the only full-stack healthcare training solution for hospitals and healthcare professionals. The partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare training, optimize operations, and enhance patient care outcomes.

The alliance seeks to simplify training complexities across multiple departments and employee profiles, leveraging both global and local expertise in content, trainers, and tools.

Dr Annie Thakore, CEO Pranaam Hospital, shared -“MedLern, an innovative learning platform, embodies excellence in medical education. Pranaam chooses it for training due to its dynamic content, interactive approach, and commitment to fostering comprehensive medical knowledge.”

Mr. Deepak Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of MedLern, said – “We are privileged to collaborate with Pranaam Hospital, enabling and supporting the digital transformation of their training and talent processes. Going forward we expect to create significant value in improving business, employee engagement, quality, safety and compliance indicators at the hospital. Our presence in more than 400 hospitals in India is a testament to the value we bring to hospital leadership through our expertise in healthcare training and digital technologies.”

The collaboration between MedLern and Pranaam Hospital will work towards empowering critical talent and training initiatives at Pranaam Hospital through services such as employee engagement, competency management, impact measurement of training etc., all aligned with the latest compliance norms required by NABH.

MedLern’s support for Pranaam Hospital deriving a return on investment (ROI) from its human resources will include monitoring completion, coverage, compliance, and impact through systematic training implementation. This approach will ensure consistency, greater control, and significant cost savings in measuring and reporting the impact to leadership.

In addition to optimising people investments, MedLern’s solutions will help Pranaam hospital to improve recruiting, scheduling, retention, and overall performance for hospitals while emphasizing operational excellence to improve turnaround time, SOP compliance, reduce costs, and enhance service excellence. Moving forward, MedLern is committed to assisting Pranaam Hospital in achieving success through strategic planning, continuous progress, implementing best practices, and developing long-term certification plans.